Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Alex Update

This song was definitely written to and about Alex:

Since Alex is publishing regularly to his blog—one of the reasons I’ve not been getting around to visit other folks’ blogs as often as I once did—Nick’s Bytes hasn’t been reporting on the the furball.

However, I realize that many Alex fans don’t click over to Alexicon (Alex’s blog), so I decided that it is important to update you on the antics of cat who owns me.

Since the weather here has been cooling off (forecast high for today = 82 F), Alex’s life has centered on these activities:

  • Hassling me
  • Playing outside (day and night)
  • Hassling me to open the door for him
  • Eating
  • Hassling me to feed him
  • Catnapping outside (and inside)
  • Hassling me to nap with him
  • Being groomed
  • Hassling me to brush him
  • Snorting catnip
  • Hassling me to give him catnip

Alex used to get up when I got up. Since he has increased his catting around outside, this is how I found him 90 minutes after I arose this morning:

Alex is now a star as both a LOL Cat and on YouTube. Of course, the egotistical furball brags about it:

The furball and I are considering creating some merchandise—T-shirts, coffee mugs, etc—perhaps featuring this Alex image:

What do you think of that idea?


  1. Alex has a more full life than I do... And I think an Alex "mousepad" would be a nice touch! Or a calendar! :)

  2. great idea! the first t shirt should say...

    "i snort catnip..."

  3. Thank you, Nick, for the update on Alex.

  4. I'm listening to your Carly Simon "Night Owl" song and I can just see Alex dancing around to the beat. I'm not sure he'd appreciate the "You're So Vain" song, though...

    Maybe he can write his own song about Hassling.

    His Pfffff image would be good for merchandise making a political statement.

  5. Professor: Alex certainly has a life! And lots of energy! Tasha brought her two sons to work today. Alex was outside when they arrived. The furball scratched at the door, saw the two kids in the living room, and scatted right back outside. He has learned about little kids wanting to treat him as if he were a doll.

    Sweets: Thanks! I shall further investigate these products.

    Fiochra: You are most welcome. BTW, Alex appreciates your visit to his blog.

  6. Akelamalu: I believe that Alex agrees with you. I know that for me, Alex rules is a reality!

    Gledwood: I think that Alex is wise—in a kitty cat sort of way.

    Jody: You always say that about the furball! On whose behalf I say Thank you!

  7. I did not know that Alex had his own blog. I shall visit forthwith.

  8. Carol: Thank you. I’ll share your ideas with the furball—whenever he decides to come back inside. (At the moment he is sunning himself out on the deck).

    Lil Bit: Alex loves having his head rubbed!

  9. Dashing Dydley: Yes, Alex is now an experienced blogger. He will appreciate your visit to his blog.

  10. If anyone dropped by looking for Wednesday Coffeehouse , I’ll be posting it early this evening. (I am behind).

  11. me thinks that s'long as alex gets a cut- go bananas!

  12. Fantastic idea and some of your friends above me have some great ides too!