Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Wednesday Coffeehouse: Charlie “Yardbird” Parker & Jack Kerouac

Welcome to Nick’s Wednesday (evening) Coffeehouse! Tonight we feature the music of Charlie “Yardbird” Parker, who was perhaps the finest musician who ever wailed an alto sax. Charlie is introduced by the spokesperson of the Beat generation: Jack Kerouac.

So, be hip and dig the wailing ax of Charlie Parker.

Charlie Parker

Jack Kerouac: Remembering Charlie Parker

Charlie Parker: Now’s the Times

Charlie Parker: The Bird

Charlie Parker: Just Friends

Charlie Parker: Lover Man

All the audios at Nick’s Coffeehouse come from my own collection.


  1. Jut poped it to see if you had a great day!

  2. If this is jazz, I really like it,

  3. Hi Nick!

    Again, another dent in the head---I always learn something new or someone new on your site!


    Good stuff!

    Now where's the video of you playing?????????????

  4. Mike Golch: Thanks, Mike. I’ve been having some neat, if tiring, days.

    Andi: Yep, this is jazz.

    Deb: Thank you. I appreciate this comment. Me pickin’ and singin’? It’s the July 8, 2008 post, entitled Coal Tattoo.

  5. Groove on, you hipster, you. Cheers Nick!!

  6. All I could think of was how long ago it must have been for coffee to be 5 cents. :) ec