Friday, August 29, 2008

The Faith of Barack Obama: A Review of Stephen Mansfield’s New Book

Sometimes I encounter a book that, were I wealthy, I would purchase and give to hundreds or even thousands of people. Stephen Mansfield’s The Faith of Barack Obama is such a book.

Mansfield recounts the life events of Senator Obama in a straightforward manner that honestly answers even the most absurd questions that the Senator’s detractors have posed: I considered listing those inane questions and briefly answering them; however, in the space I have, I could not possibly provide the lucid answers that Mansfield does. May I suggest that you read the book?

Have you ever attended a worship service at Trinity United Church of Christ? I have: one, many years ago. In The Faith of Barack Obama, Mansfield takes you to a Trinity service. More importantly, he introduces you to members of the congregation who explain why Trinity is so important to them and to their community. If you can’t travel to Chicago to worship at Trinity UCC, my I suggest that you read the book?

What do you really know about the Reverend Jeremiah Wright? Is your knowledge limited to the videos and words of the talking heads that have plagued the media? Do you really know what Liberation Theology is? As an ordained clergyperson of the United Church of Christ, trained in seminary as a liberation theologian, I applaud the manner in which Mansfield addresses the who of the Reverend Wright and the what of the United Church of Christ and liberation theology. I urge you to read the book!

And, finally, just what is the Christian faith of Senator Barack Obama, the Democratic Party’s nominee for the officer of the President of the United States of America? Why is he faithfully committed to justice, equality, liberation, and peace? Please, my friends, please read The Faith of Barack Obama before you cast your vote next November!


  1. You're a tease, Nick!

    I have ordered The Faith of Barack Obama from our library.

  2. There is a feeling in the air today brother... That hope is not in vain,

    God bless you and thank you for everything that you are,


  3. 'The 776 stupidest things ever said' is mostly USA politicians, many I didn't know. Unlike Barack Obama, who is constantly on our TV screens, the whole story fascinates me so I think I will buy this book...

  4. You've convinced me to read the book.

  5. Sounds like a good read, Nick. And an important one.

    It's on my to-read list, thanks to you.

  6. Maithri Thank you, my brother!

    Queenie: I had forgotten that the majority the stupidest things said were said by politicians! I read the book in hospital while recovering from pneumonia and it gave ne lots of smiles.

    I believe that you will enjoy reading Mansfield’s book and at the same time gain some deep insights into who Barack Obama is. I did.

    The Lone Beader : Thank you!

    Abby: I’m sure you’ll enjoy the book.

  7. San: Thank you. I also thank you for hopping to this post from UCC on the Net. You may be my only reader of that blog!

  8. if i could vote in your election, i would buy the book :)

  9. Thank you for this review of this book about Pres. Obama's faith. I did not know that the book existed.