Thursday, August 07, 2008

I Do Not Do HNTs

Having recently completed the 1,000th Blog Post celebration, the next in line for Nick’s Bytes is the 100,000th Visitor. As of this writing, the visitor thingie (on my sidebar) reads 99,876. If visitors come by as usual, that means that visitor Number 100,000 will be by within the day or so.

Please take a glance at the visitor thing and, if you turn out to be the 100,000th visitor, please tell me about it in a comment to Nick’s Bytes or in an email. Thanks.

It’s 6:15 a.m. I’m sitting at my desk, having just responded to the comments on yesterday’s Coffeehouse post. I am wearing my neat, thick, hooded bathrobe. Beneath the bathrobe, I am wearing nothing.

Alex is sitting under the desk, bathing. I’m a bit on edge: Alex’s claws are a short swipe away from my testicles. I feel apprehensive; I never know when the furball is going to decide he wants my full attention.

OK, I’m back! My apprehension turned into weariness, so Alex and I napped the morning away. Now the furball is out on the deck—napping again—so I feel secure in sitting here—fully clothed—and writing.

I am not publishing pics of me in my bathrobe ‘cause I’m not Half Naked on Thursdays! However, as I usually do, I shall open for you the (sometimes) weird thoughts that go through my mind. Today these include:

The Beijing Olympics

Just a few minutes ago the BBC reported that:

the head of the International Olympic Committee, Jacques Rogge, has praised Beijing's "extraordinary" efforts to cut pollution ahead of the Games.

I have mixed feelings about these Olympic Games, regardless of how much pollution the Chinese have reduced. (After all, the Olympics were held in Los Angeles and the participants and spectators survived that pollution).

I really believe that the IOC made a huge mistake in selecting China to host the 2008 games. Perhaps they should have chosen a spot with less conflict, like maybe Afghanistan? Or, perhaps, the title of this year's Olympics could be changed to The Protest Games.

Well, in just a few hours, through the eyes of the world’s media, we shall see the beginning.

The USS New York: Out if the Ashes of 9-11

A friend emailed me these photos and the story the USS New York:

Do you know the story of this ship? If not, go here. (I only wish that the USS New York wasn’t a ship of war).


  1. You are a brave man, wearing a bathrobe (or bathroom?) and nothing else around that cat!

  2. As much as I feel sick when I think of China's human rights issues and as much as I believe in speaking up for human (and animal) rights, I'm kind of getting bored with protests...

    That said, if I reincarnate as a cat, I'm going to protest the practice of humans wearing clothes which protect their parts from cat claws. Cats don't get to cover up for safety, so fair is fair!

  3. There is no pollution because they shut down plants for MONTHS surrounding the Olympics, and this has affected the business I am in. China is NOT my favorite subject right now...

  4. S E E Quine: I’m just crazy to wear anything—“bathrobe” is correct; thanks, Sara, for catching my mis-typing/thinking—less that plate armor around Alex.

    Carol: I’m bored with the protests also. I hope that the athletes can have the spotlight for a while with out intervention by the politicos. I still remember the Munich Olympics and the horror of those events.

    Tug: Yep. And preventing vehicles from the area. All done joyfully so that the Chinese can impress the First World nations they so despise that they are doing everything they can to emulate them.

  5. Nick USS (United States Ship)means a warship of some type there is no getting around that. if it was not a warship it would be called the S.S. New York.
    I hope that you are having a great day today my friend! Hugs and God's Love and Blessings-Mike G. said that!(It's an A.A.thing of mine)

  6. Mike Golch: Thanks, Mike. You have added some new information to the library of my mind.

  7. 99923

    Glad Alex decided to leave you alone and just nap instead. Wise choice.

    Yes I am not thrilled about the choice of the Olympics but then if they start saying this place offends this group and this site offends this other group, we probably would never hold the Olympics any more. You know it would never be in the United States because you know we have offended more than a few people out there...

    Almost time for 100,000 see above.

  8. I learnt something new today... and it is most interesting... A ship rising from the ashes of despair-I must admit I was ignorant, but being faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar down south in the global context, some of the happier things don't always make headlines (or I'm having too much fun in life when they do?!!!). I do agree that it is a bit sad that it's a warship though.

    The olympics... it's great way for China and the rest of the world to have exposure to one another, many things political are pretty sad, but I do think that it is nice for the Chinese people to get the exposure to something of a global celebration in the year of a horrific natural disaster. It's good for the moral of the population (hopefully).

    A slightly inappropriate quip I'm sure... but since this is the only blog mentioning the olympics I have come across today... I had a thought on my way to work this morning - it would be ironic if the Chinese opening games did not have fireworks (in RSA I think all fireworks, mostly sold illegally, are made in ... !)! Okay... it may be a bit lame, but it amused me!

    I'm 99930 :( 70 more to go!

  9. That's the only thing about being a male...dangly bits that cats can't resist, especially if you insist on going around half naked!

    As for the Beijing games...I'm with you...China's human rights record is nothing to write home about, look at Tibet for one. The lack of freedom of speech and restricted internet.

    Makes one wonder, doesn't it? Having said that, must go because the opening ceremony has just started.

  10. Swiping of testicles sounds dangerous! :o) but it brought a smile to my lips! :o)

  11. Ooooh if Alex had decided..........

    I agree with you about the Olympic Games and China.

  12. Barman: I never know what Alex is going to do; that’s why I was apprehensive.

    The OIC supposedly keeps their choices non-political. I rather agree with that. I actually believe the China was an excellent choice. However, I hope the protests don’t affect the athletes. You see, I still remember the Munich Olympics.

    Shivz: I did not know of the ship being built from the “ashes” of the World Trade Center until I received the email with those photographs.

    You are so right: China has had more than its share of recent disasters. I pray the Olympic Games go smoothly.

    Hmmm…. I guess we shall soon know about the fireworks!

    Puss-in-Boots: Right! Alex does like to swat dangling things: all of his toys dangle on way or another. He has gotten quite good a batting them.

    China really needs to get over trying to live in the style of Stalinist Communism.

    Daffy: Swatting testicles is only dangerous to the one whose testicles are swatted/clawed. Damned cat!

    Akelamalu: That’s the problem! Alex has decided to—more than once!

  13. You are taking a big risk going around so vulnerable to Alex's claws!