Wednesday, September 10, 2008

No Coffeehouse, So Let’s Go to the Movies

I have been too tired to create a Coffeehouse for today. So I want to share three videos that I recently received in my emails. All are what I would consider G-rated, although Double Punch does feature exploits of mixed martial arts fighters inside the fighting ring.

Please enjoy them!

Little Girls Will…

Double Punch

The Line Cutter


  1. Hi Nick...I'm a bit worried about you. Are you okay or is it just the hot weather dragging you down?

    Take care.

  2. Hi Nick, Thanks for the sharing the videos. I have to say that Piss in boots has asked the same question I was going to ask... I hope everything is ok. Have you hot weather? We have loads of rain at the moment! I think I'm turning into a duck! Take care. x

  3. Hi Puss-in-Boots and Daffy! Thank you for your concern. I seem to be able to stay awake and alert for shorter and shorter periods of time these days. For example, yesterday I was probably awake for about 7 hours and napping for 17 hours.

    I don’t know the cause. I do know that the weather folk are reporting that the allergen level here Louisville is presently the highest that has ever been measured. That may be exhausting me.

    Or, maybe I’m learning from Alex, who has been napping just as much as I have. I have thought that it has been his meds that has caused his tiredness. Maybe the allergens are affecting him, too—or maybe I am just taking on the habits of the cat.

  4. The Line Cutter vid is a hoot. Hope you are doing well Nick. Cheers!!

  5. This hot weather is enough to get anybody down.I find that I'm naping more myself.But really its best to get checked out.You looked dashing in your robe.Get well Marie Antionette

  6. I liked the little girl video. I wonder what that adventuresome girl will grow up to be.

  7. I’ve had a bit of a nap since I posted my last comment. Even so, my brain still feels as if it’s asleep so if I make no sense please make allowances.

    Matt-Man: Yes, hopefully the line-cutter learn a lesson; I certainly learned what to do if someone cuts in line in front of me in the future.

    Marie Antionette: Yes, the weather and the allergens are affecting a lot of me. My mother telephoned me last night and said that she tried to ride her “scooter” (motorized chair) on the side walks around her condo and the watering of her eyes, her sneezing, and her feeling sick at her stomach quickly sent her back inside.

    Carol: That’s a great observation; that adventuresome little girl may become a world-renowned spelunker—especially if she thinks there is a candy bar or a stuffed animal in the cave.

    Sweets: Thank you. Alex and I both hope to feel better soon!

  8. The little girls are funny! And, I liked Line Cutter, too! I'm gonna use that one because I also have a finite amount of time, as well! ;)

  9. Nick,
    Thanks for these. They are all pretty darn funny. I'm all for using that question on any line cutter.

    I hope you're feeling tip top soon!

  10. I miss your coffee house. I enjoyed the videos. Take care and feel better soon!

  11. Sorry to hear you're so tired Nick. Thanks for sharing the videos, the first one made me lol!

  12. Slithering inside that machine is something every kid would love to do because hey, it's filled with toys.

    On that double punch video, WOW! What are the chances? History was made there!