Saturday, September 13, 2008

Please excuse my sentimentality…

…but I love this little kitten so very much that at times I feel my heart will burst from the love.

Since Alex has been suffering from the allergy that has affected his tummy, he sleeps a lot. Most of his sleeping is done under the high intensity lamp on my desk.

When I am at my desk, I really can’t keep from stroking and petting the little fellow.

He seems to like that a lot. Sometimes he will roll to expose his hurt tummy to me and want me to simply lay my hand across it.

Then he will often use his paw to hold my hand in place; I suppose because my touch feels good to his hairless skin.

I sincerely pray that Alex gets his health back soon and becomes again the mischievous furball that he was before he became ill.


  1. Nick,

    I do hope that Alex is well again soon. Our pets are precious to us and they look to us for love and affection. In return, they give unconditional love.

    Thank you for adding my Aunt May to your prayers. Your thoughtfulness is very much appreciated.


  2. Poor Alex! It is never pleasant to have those we love suffer. I'm glad he has you to love on him all day long.

  3. Aw, Nick. Alex sure is a lovely little kitty and he is lucky to be so loved. I'm sure that will help him.

  4. (((Saintly))) you can just see Alex's love for you, it shines out....

    My fat cat lays on this table next to the keyboard and whilst anyone is on the computer they have to keep stroking him or he constantly rolls over on the keyboard or nudges ya hand lol

    Hope Alex gets better soon......


  5. He loves your touch, no doubt about it. He loves you, too.

    Sending healing thoughts for you and Alex.m :-)

  6. Aw poor Alex. :(

    I will send him some Reiki, it works on animals very well and they seem to like it.

  7. Poor, dear Alex! I so hope he feels better soon.

  8. lots of love to dear little alex, you sleep on and get batter soon x

  9. I hope Alex will get all better soon, too! I can tell he loves you back.

  10. Aw!! That last picture is simply heartbreaking SSNick. poor kitty... he knows that you will look after him though. Most animals will only let sibblings or parents touch thier underbelly. Never mind a hurt one... so it is clear that he trusts you papa Nick.

    Hope he gets to feeling better soon.

  11. Love to Alex. Hope he will feel better soon.

  12. You so very well portray the experience of love that can make the heart feel like it will burst. My heart was tugged open big time just reading your words and seeing the photos.

    Love and healing to you and Alex.

  13. Nick, I hope Alex's alergies clear up soon.

  14. Poor little Alex ! Allergies are the worst!!! Both of you are in my prayers, and I hope Alex is back to his oinery self soon.

    love ya both,

  15. Poor guy, his belly looks ouchy! Hopefully he feels better soon! {{{hugs}}}

  16. Praying that sweet furball gets better very soon, and I am sure your touch means a lot to him.

  17. Mary: Thank you. At the moment Alex is curl up on my desk beside me looking cute and tried. I hope sleeping helps distract him from his itchy tummy.

    Praying for others is a primary way that I, as a disabled ordained minister of the United Church of Christ, can continue my ministry since I am seldom able to leave my home.

    Blessings to you and to your Aunt May.

    Kcinnova: Thank you. Petting and hugging Alex is a real pleasure, although giving him his meds has not been pleasant for either of us.

    Lynn: Thank you for your hugs, Braveheart! We both can use them at the moment.

    Marmite Toasty: Thank you! Give your fat cat a stroke from me and a meow from Alex. OK?

  18. Squirl: Thank you, my dear friend. Both Alex and I have been napping a lot today. I hope naps bring healing!

    Akelamalu: Thank you. We both accept the Reiki is hope and pleasure.

    Abby: Thank you. As one who has been commenting on Nick’s Bytes for almost as long as the blog has existed, you know Alex and me well.

    Jody: My dear you friend, through the years you have made it very clear to the world how much you love Alex. He sends you lotz of meows! OK?

  19. Maxxo : Thank you! Alex just awaked from napping as I got up to go out and check the mail. Thus I am trying to type one-handed as I stroke his fur with my other hand.

    Daisy: Thank you, Daisy Curly Cat! I am certain that Alex is happy to receive nice words from other kitty cats.

    Xmichra: Thank you! Even ill, Alex loves being photographed. Since he awakened a few moments ago, he was struck a half dozen poses that would have made lovely photos. Now he is stretched out and napping again.

    Granny: Thank you so very much! Alex sees his vet on Monday. From the looks of his tummy, I fear we will have more meds for him—and perhaps the dreaded funnel collar for my little friend to wear.

  20. Carol: Thank you! I really can’t find the words to express my love for this little kitten. Perhaps photographs are the only way in which I can share that love with others.

    Mike Golch: Thank you! Actually, his tummy does look (to me) a bit better. However, I fear he is still licking it when I’m not around to tell him “no.”

    Auburn Haired Artist: Thank you! We both need the prayers. I look forward to when Alex is again his “oinery self” and I can again write about his exploits.

    Courtney: Thank you! Yes, I think Alex’s tummy is “ouchy.” I shall pass your hugs on to the little fellow when he (again) wakes up.

  21. Alex's tummy is so red! And so bare! I am praying for the dear little kitten. I hope he recovers soon.

  22. Sassy Mama Bear: Thank you! Alex really does seem to appreciate my touch. Your prayers are most appreciated—by both of us.

    Lucky Owl: Thank you! Yes, the little fellow’s tummy does look bad; that is why I have avoided posts photos of it until now. Your prayers are most appreciated.

  23. Oh Nick, poor Alex's belly ... that looks mighty uncomfortable. What a privilege that he allows you to touch it. That proves how much he loves you. There is just something so special about the love between a cat and his human.
    Here's hoping Alex makes a full and speedy recovery. Make sure you look after yourself, too.
    Hugs, Connie

  24. Tank U fir sayinz all dem nice tingies boutz ME. OK?

    I luvz u 2! OK?

  25. Dear Nick ~~ I am so sorry Alex has that dreaded allergy and hope he soon gets well again. Has the vet given you anything to help him either in tablet form or cream to ease the itch?
    Thank you for your visit and I am glad you liked the story about Heaven.
    Unfortunately, too many ppl forget to
    say "Thank you Lord." It's a reminder.
    Take care of yourself and Alex. Very best
    wishes, Merle.

  26. I hope sweet Alex, the furball is well again soon.

    Love to you both,

  27. Hoping Alex soon gets some relief from those allergies. Sending healing thoughts to both of you. Was just out to get the paper and there's a nice breeze blowing....maybe you'll get to enjoy that.

  28. Did not know that Alex was ill or that you are yourself under the weather, Reverend!

    I am sending you goof vibes through cyberspace over the seas that both you and your darling kitten may soon be in excellent health.

  29. Meow: Yes, Connie, Alex’s tummy seems to bother him quite a bit. I noticed this morning that he is still licking it. That isn’t good; he goes to his bet tomorrow and she may prescribe the dreaded cone collar for him. Thank you for your concern.

    Alex my kitty cat: You are most welcome. Now, stop licking your tummy and heal! OK?

    Merle: Thank you. You know, Lady Di’s story could be developed into quite a sermon.

  30. Pink: Thank you. We appreciate your words and concern.

    Bette: Thank you. Alex was outside a bit around 2:00 a.m. I understand that we’ll begin getting a bit of winds from what’s left of Ike this afternoon. Well, maybe sooner than that! I just began hearing the winds whistle around the corner of the house.

    The Toff: Thank you. We appreciate any vibes you may send!

  31. Awww, such sweet pix! -- My heart goes out to the lil furry one... and to you, too, Nick.
    Sending Get Well wishes to you both!


  32. Best wishes to Alex for a prompt and full recovery!

  33. aw alex. i know the poor little fellow will get better soon; til then, thank goodness he has you to love him to bits!

  34. Aww, sending healing thoughts Alex's way!

  35. Hi Nick sorry been AWOL for a while, but I do hope Alex gets over his allergies soon. Sure looks uncomfortable for him and I know you're worried about him. For what it's worth, he still looks pretty chilled out in those photos in spite of his belly rash. Cheers, Brandon

  36. what is the prescription??I spent a lot of money on allergies for a cat this past year whom I inevitably lost to kidney malfunction in a 24 hour stint.