Friday, September 19, 2008

Tomorrow: A Million Doors for Peace

In listing the negatives, the above video doesn't mention although I believe that it should, the dead, wounded, and maimed.

I just learned about this last night. I considered signing on as a volunteer; however, my limited mobility and my need for oxygen might get in the way and I would not want agree to knock on doors and then not be able to do so.

However, volunteers are still needed and you can still be one! Go HERE to read more about what it means to be a volunteer and/or to sign up.


  1. 1f I were on your side of the Atlantic I would certainly volunteer.

  2. I live in east Texas, the most reactionary part of the most reactionary state of the most reactionary region. I think my participation would be futile, at best.

    I do wish them luck, though. The current administration doesn't give a damn about protesters or public opinion, but maybe the next one will.

  3. hey nick, your blog is taking longer and longer to download these days! you might need to do a spring clean soon :o)

  4. Wonderful project!

    Thank you for sharing that.

  5. I truly believe that most people want peace.

    I won't be participating, but I'll be doing my usual Saturday gig, "A Few Hundred Honks for Peace", a.k.a. Women in Black vigil.

    You're a blogger for peace, Nick. (a.k.a. PeaceNick). We all do what we can how we can.