Saturday, September 20, 2008

Tuning Up Nick’s Bytes

Yesterday Maxxo left the following comment: your blog is taking longer and longer to download these days! you might need to do a spring clean soon :o)

I agree! But being not a very proficient blog geek, I have been blundering around deleting stuff from my sidebar and limiting the number of posts that load with folks come to Nick’s Bytes without any idea if I am really doing anything valid.

So I spent my blogging time on Friday searching for blogging tools to systematically and logically do the job. After Googling and checking out numerous tools, I finally came upon

The site claims to offer the process of reducing web site size and complexity to maximize website performance. So, I ran the sites analysis of Nick’s Bytes and obtained these results (you may click the graphics to increase their size):

Download Times:

Analysis Summary & Recommendations:

I am now in the process of using those results to (hopefully) optimize Nick’s Bytes to increase its loading speed and solve some of the problems that Maxxo and others have commented upon.

If you find this blog post dry and want to smile and maybe even laugh, may I suggest that you click over the Alexicon, Alex’s blog, where the cat who owns me (again) writes about the silliness of his “hoomin bean”—me!


  1. I've never had problems with your page not loading. It could be the browser that some people are using. Other than that---I've come across many blogs with less stuff on their sidebar that are difficult to load. I guess it all depends. I would have no clue on how to "clean up" my blog. I am totally html challenged!


  2. Nick I had the same problem,what I did was not have as many posts up as I did. that speeded up the site.

  3. Your blog isn't slow unless Blogger is slow, as least as far as I can tell.

    But then, I don't blog as much as most...workin' on it though.

  4. Deb: Thanks. I agree: part of the problem may be the browser used. I just ran some tests and the slowest loading browsers, in order of slowness, were Safari, Foxfire, and Internet Explorer. The fastest was Google Chrome with Opera not far behind.

    Mike: Yes, you’re right. I have been reducing the posts displayed for some time now. I began in 30 three plus years ago, reduced that to 14, then 7, and now display only the most recent 3.

    Little Sister: I’m glad the loading speed doesn’t bother your ability to connect with the blog. Actually, I have no problems with the loading speed of the blog any of the browsers I use. But I believe that I need to optimize the blog to the best of my ability for all my readers.

  5. Good luck with your optimizing, Nick. If I get that problem, I'll know who to call.

  6. I've never had a problem with your blog loading, Nick. Maybe it's on Maxxo's end.

    However, thanks for the ideas on what to do.

  7. Hey Nick, pretty neat web program you found there, hope it helps out with the blog running smoothly. I've not done my bit to help out, though, as I've just become a 'Follower', thus adding a tiny bit of spam to the page with my photo at top right! XD

  8. Thanks for the neat blog tips, Nick!

    I'm not sure if I could use all the features that are offered - I never changed mine over to the new Blogger layout...

  9. Maxxo: Yep! According to the second test I ran, it is loading a bit faster. I have also just learned that Flash presentations are one of the main culprits in slowing down a site’s loading speed.

    Carol: Thank you! You may always call on me for help; just remember that I really ain’t no Geek. I work on computer stuff the same way I used to repair my MGB sports car: trial and error and bumbling around.

    Puss-in-Boots : I’m glad you’ve had no problems loading Nick’s Bytes ! If Maxxo were the only person to mention the problem, I would tend to agree that it may be on his end. Unfortunately, he hasn’t been the only one with that problem!

    Brooksie: Thanks for becoming become a 'Follower'! From what I’ve been able to determine, that item on the sidebar doesn’t affect the loading speed—and I think it is a neat addition to any blog!

    Rhapsody: You’re most welcome, although I don’t believe that I’ve really offered many tips—except locating the tools on that website.

    Wow! You are really still using old Blogger! I commend you for sticking with it!

  10. Tank u, hoomin bean dat I ownz, fir sendinz udder hoomin beanz to readz MY bloggie thingie! OK?

    When dey readz whatz I writez boutz u, den dey knowz how silly a hoomin bean u iz! OK?

  11. Good for you for finding out how to handle your blog. I really don't know squat. I have to depend on my sister to help me. :-)

  12. Here's a graffitied evolution you might appreciate: Enjoy!