Thursday, October 02, 2008

The "Alex Line"

Tom Cat ~ Rooftop Singers

A while back I wrote that I was considering creating a line of products featuring photos of Alex and received encouragement from quite a few folks. Now it’s time for me to act!

As my experiences as an insurance agent and the owner of an online store have provided to me, I may have some creative abilities but I am a horrible salesperson/merchandiser. So I need your help!

My first question is: what image of Alex is best to begin this project?

Below are some images that I am considering. At the top of the sidebar on your right is a poll in which I ask you to give me feedback on the one you believe to be the best. Of course, if you are like me and can’t decide, you may always leave a comment. OK?

Alex A

Alex B

Alex C

Alex D

Alex E

Alex F

The potential Alex products include, but aren’t limited to:

Thank you! Alex and I appreciate your help.


  1. I voted... A... but the one in bed... as well as ALL the ones of him sleeping around your place and I think you also have an awesome one of him in a catnip haze.... You're right... it's rather difficult!

  2. My votes would just cancel themselves out. I vote for ALL of them.

  3. well i like c but i think e is the best he is so cute lol

  4. I voted for B. Alex just looks so huggable in that picture!

  5. The first pic in my opinion is the best one. Alex shows his attitude in that one without the Pfffft which I think distracts from him. Cheers Nick!!

  6. I would like to see E on my coffee cup and even on a t-shirt.

  7. Good idea. Alex deserves all the fame, accolades, and more. More personality walking around on four paws than most folks on two feet.

  8. wow! good luck! I wish I could pat Alex on the head and chuckle him under the chin.

  9. This has been one of my “sleeping” days. I’ve squeezed 4-6 hour naps in between being up and awake for a couple of hours at a time. Therefore, my intended post for today—Friday—is far from completed. Now, being awake at 2:00 AM with Alex beside me on my (or is it now “our”) desk, I’ll spend time responding to comments until I begin to nod off again.

  10. Shivz: Thank you for voting. I realize how difficult it is to pick an Alex pic. This is the second time I’ve had to ask help in doing so. The first time was to enter him into a contest, in which the photo did win a prize.

    This time, since the idea is to select a photo that folks might be interested in purchasing on a coffee mug or t-shirt, ir whatever, I feel even more dependent on folks helping me select the right one.

    China Girl: Thanks for trying. I understand what you’re saying because I’m in the same quandary!

    Chica: I appreciate your comment and votes. I think that either c or e would be great on a cup of morning coffee.

  11. Thomas: Alex does look huggable in b, doesn’t he? Perhaps that would be a good t-shirt photo. Especially if the wearers like hugs!

    Matt-Man: With his tongue sticking out, Alex certainly does show an attitude. Perhaps it is a good photo for a t-shirt to be worn by us rebels?

    Abby: I agree with you that e would be great for coffee cup or t-shirt or maybe even a greeting card!

  12. Akelamalu: I think that b—the huggable Alex—is getting quite a few votes. That helps me!

    Lavinia: Thanks for saying that the furball is deserving of fame. Of course, Alex’s blog is getting more readers that my blog! Luckily, I’m not one to begrudge a kitty kat fame and success!

    The Mighty Beluga : Alex would love for you to pat his head and chuckle him under his chin! And, since he is sitting beside me (bathing at the moment) I do it for you! OK?

  13. i'm hoping alex will get commission for this, paid in extra catnip treats :op

  14. My first vote is for B, also. I like C and E, too.

  15. Maxxo: Alex will certainly get something out of this! Besides feeding his already huge ego when he thinks of folks drinking out of cups and wearing t-shorts with his image on them, we’ll see about some extra treats. Probably no catnip; he’s been nipped so much this past week that I fear he is addicted to the stuff.

    Squirl: Thank you. You know, perhaps I can use different Alex images to create stuff so that more than one image is available. I’ll see as I get more into this project.

  16. Aren't A and D the same?

    I like D. I'd go with prints and cards - at least to start.

    Kat and the Gang

  17. What a great idea! I like the second pic best, myself and the "not getz up" one. Good luck!