Friday, October 10, 2008

The Anointed Ones

Once upon a time God called a meeting of the Anointed Ones to whom the Holy One had given the Divine Message of Love, Peace, and Justice to be shared on Earth with Humankind. God asked one question: “What went wrong?”

The Buddha replied: “I fear that the majority of humans do not want to be enlightened. They seem content with gathering and worshiping material things.”

Moses said: “I have taught them your Holy Torah. However, they seem content with simply reading the Law and posting it on walls.”

Jesus shrugged: “Humans seem incapable of simply loving You and their neighbors. They are content with loving only themselves.”

Mohammad shook his head: “Peace seems foreign to them. They seem content with conflict. Why, within ten years of my death, my followers were killing each other.”

God was silent.

Finally God said: “I shall send them one more messenger; but this time I shall send them a Mother.”


  1. The world has been sent Mothers. They were ignored. Go figure...

  2. Awwww... that video got me teary first thing this morning.

    I do agree with Squirl. The mothers have, for the most part, been ignored. This doesn't seem to be a culture that values mother energy and wisdom.

  3. Would be nice if more people crossed over silly defining lines and treated each other as nicely as these animals treat each other.

    There is a real lesson there.


  4. Wonderful story. moving video. Thank you.

  5. Unfortunately I don't think mothers do the trick. However, God may like to try sending a that would be a whole different story...they were brought up in an era where spare the rod and spoil the child was taken literally.

  6. That was just what I needed.

    Thank you Nick.

  7. I love that! Have a wonderful weekend Nick.

  8. Nice post, Nick.

    But what I'm really excited about is I can now access your comments page from my home laptop!

  9. She might return to God and report that mankind doesn't want to be mothered either. But that's only because mankind is so stubborn and willful, they miss out on the best things. Mom's are God's best invention.

  10. Squirl: I suppose there is really nothing to figure out: most prophets have been ignored. Sad, isn’t it.

    Carol: That video can bring tears—I found it to be so remarkable as to be almost unbelievable.

    Day Dreamer: Yes, I agree. Perhaps there are many lessons we humans can learn from animals—if we were just willing to do so.

  11. Akelamalu : Thank you. I suppose that hope is often all we have.

    Lucky Owl: You are welcome. The story is a modification of an ancient parable that I first used in a sermon many years ago.

    Puss-in-Boots: Good idea! Perhaps a grandmother will be the one to bring the message next time.

  12. This is a wonderful post, Nick! I really love that movie. Thank you.

  13. I am overwhelmed by this wonderful story and movie.