Sunday, October 19, 2008

Another Alex Story

This just happened about ten minutes ago as I was finishing tomorrow’s Too Bad It’s Monday humor post.

The front door is open because it is a nice day—65 F—and Alex wanted to meander in and out of the house. He came in from outside, strolled over to where I was at my desk doing the final edit of tomorrow’s post, and stuck his very sharp claw—I really must clip those claws soon—into my hip.

As usual, I gave the cat immediate gratification by jumping up and asking him, as gently as I could considering my hip still hurt, Now what do you want?

Again as usual, Alex led me into the kitchen. However, he did not jump up on the chair as he does when he wants me to hold him not did he jump up on the table where his bowls already contained his two favorite foods.

Rather, Alex walked through the kitchen and down the back hallway and stopped before the back door, which he pawed. I opened the door and he went outside.

Do you understand what I am saying? The furball was already outside! He came through the house and clawed me so I could open the back door so that he could go back outside.

He could just as easily—and with no pain to me—walked around the house if he wanted to get from the front yard to the back yard.

Yes, Alex is cute and smart and very spoiled. And, my hip still hurts!


  1. lol.. that is a smart cat you have there, albeit a mischievious one ;)

  2. His goal was accomplished. Staying outside from the beginning would not have amused him nearly as much. :) Oh yes, the feline philosophy that we live merely to serve them. ::roll eyes:: It's a good thing they amuse us.

  3. Alex, you are too smart for your own good. Nick--I hope your hip feels better soon!!


  4. Reminds me of Bella. She'll do something like that, but without sticking the claws in. She just chirrs and meows instead...on and on and on, until eventually I let her in/out just to shut her up!

  5. Sure, he COULD have walked around the house,but then, how would you know who is in charge?

    Put some neosporin on your hip and feel better soon.


  6. I hope your hip feels better.

    Good thing Alex is so cute...

  7. Thanks for the laffs, Nick. Actually, 8 in ten puns did.

    And those Halloween-costumed animals are hilarious!

  8. Yes, Alex & Cleopatra have much in common!

    Be sure to watch that scratch, Nick. I know those claws can really hurt (Cleo needs her nails trimmed, too) and you don't need an infection!

  9. Harvey used to do that. Woof at the front to be let out, woof at the back to be let in, woof at the front to be etc ...