Wednesday, October 29, 2008

No Coffeehouse, So How About Some Mishmash

Today the Wednesday Coffeehouse isn’t open. It’s the most time consuming post that I regularly make and this week I haven’t had the time or the energy to make the time. I promise the Coffeehouse will definitely be open next week.

So, for today, here is a mishmash of stuff:

Blogblast for Peace

The time is almost here: November 6 is the day!

If you haven’t gotten/created a Peace Globe, go HERE.

Getting Cooler

It’s getting cooker here. I can tell because Alex is spending his time either sitting beside one of the heat registers…

or wrapped up in my warm robe.

How About A Few Katz?

One Song

OK, I’ll post one song (other than The Song in my Mind Today that’s always at the top of my sidebar):

I've Got You Under My Skin ~ Frank Sinatra


  1. VERRRRRY good song. Alex looks so snuggly wrapped up in your robe. It was FINALLY cold here Monday morning.

    Hope that you have a great day Nick.

  2. It's getting warmer here, Mitzi and Bella spend a lot of the day sleeping in front of the open door under the ceiling fan.

  3. Oh these are so funny. Your cat sitting on the grate- cute!!!

    I have to say, I was having cramps the other night (tmi, I know), and I used the laptop for a heating pad myself.

    When I blog, I'm much like the last picture you posted. Madelene usually gives me a look like, "And your opinion matters, WHY?"

    Thanks for the chuckle...keep warm!!!

  4. It looks like you and Alex are both taking care of yourselves just the way you need to.

    I always like the katz. Thanks!

  5. I’m sorry there is no coffee house. I hope you are feeling OK and Alex is warm enough.

    I have come to appreciate the little jokes you insert in the way you order the katz, like the two kitties saying “It’s not safe here” that follows the pointing cat saying “I will end you.”

    Take care, Nick and Alex!

  6. it's actually hot here today (which is very unseasonal). really makes me wonder what the heck we are doing to our environment.

    Thanks for the katz ( i love katz!) and that is a great song. I am always reminded of the movie what women want when i hear that song now.

  7. That cat of yours is riot!

    Thanks for posting and reminding people about BlogBlast. The time is drawing near.

  8. Those are some great photos of darling Alex. And of course I am smiling at the cats. You can post Frank Sinatra and Bob Dylan anything and I will be thrilled.

  9. We had one of our earliest freezes ever two nights ago. It's kind of depressing to see all the flowers limp and black.