Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My New Lift Chair

My new lift chair arrived late Tuesday afternoon. In the less than twenty-four hours that I have had it, I have found it more than wonderful. In the reclining position, with my legs raised, I do not have the pain in my legs and back that sitting in a straight chair has caused me for several years. My grand birthday week continues.

In the short video below, I demonstrate the chair. The background sound is the TV news folks discussing the newest storm that is to be on top of me in a very few minutes. The primary issue with this storm is the wind. Folks to my west have had 25-35 MPH sustained winds with gusts up to 60 MPH.

The primary concern is that there remain many tree limbs that were broken during the recent ice storms that remain hanging from limbs. There is a very real possibly that the winds may dislodge these limbs onto power lines and again cause major power outages. So, I am publishing this post as fast as I can just in case the good luck that protected me from the last power outages fails!


  1. Nick,I'm glad that you got your new chair.

  2. Oh, Nick, that is great. Enjoy, enjoy!

  3. That's a great chair Nick and I'm so happy for you. :)

  4. You look super comfy in your chair, Nick. I'm glad that you got it. I wasn't able to get the video to work, but I'll check back later.

    I hope that the trees' dreams bring only a warm, gentle breeze your way.

  5. Glad you got a new chair, Nick, but take care not to spend too much time in it - get some exercise too. My father's health went downhill rapidly when he developed a bedsore from HIS lift chair.
    Stay well.


  6. Hey hun, am glad about the chair... And a very Happy Birthday to you :D x

  7. I tried to leave a comment and Blogger decided to ask for my password and I couldn't remember it. So I had to go back to the original login page and do so.
    Stupid thing.

    Anyway, Nick, I'm glad you've got your chair. I got it wrong yesterday when I thought it was a wheelchair, but never mind. I'm sure you'll be very comfortable from now on.

    What a great birthday present.

  8. Alex and I are at my desk as the winds rattle the storm windows on either side of us. It was only a couple of days ago that electric power was returned to the last of the 200,000 customers of Louisville Gas & Electric who lost power in the ice storm of January 27th-28th. At last reported, some 30,000 customers are again without power as widespread, sustained winds of about 50 to 60 miles per hour blew already weakened limbs and trees into power lines. I suppose that is a part of the price we are playing for temperature highs jumps from single digits (F) to 60 degrees F almost over night.

    Mike Golch: Thank you. I am enjoying being able to sit without pain in my legs and back!

    Lynilu : Thank you! I am! I am!

    Akelamalu : Thank you! Although the chair in unrelated to my birthday, I am celebrating it as if it is a gift.

    Carol: Yep, I have been very comfortable in the chair. I, too, could not the video to play, so at this very moment I am attempting to upload it via Blogger Videos. It appears that that upload is taking longer than I expected, so I’ll just have to wait and see.

    Poetikat : You’re right: I do not need nor want to spend all of my time in that new chair! Of course, since I live with Alex and Tasha is now limited to working on nine hours a week, the furball will certainly keep me from spending too much time sitting down. He has already demanded I get up and serve him three times in the past 30 minutes.

    Kittee83 : Thank you! This truly is turning in to a grand birthday week for me!

    Puss-in-Boots : Thank you!

    These passwords are getting to me, too. When I was an army intelligence officer, I was able to keep the combinations of a dozen or so locks in my head without problem. These days I can’t remember my ID on various Internet sites much less the passwords!

  9. Nice chair. Glad you got it but don't spend to much time in it. Of course I am sure Alex will not let you spend to much time in the chair.

    My friends in JTown had part of a tree next to their house come crashing done. Luckily no damage to the house. They have lost the power on and off for a little while but they have been lucky. I hope you luck holds out and also nothing comes crashing down into your house. I especially hope the power holds out for the oxygen.

    By the way, we were suppose to have somewhat the weather you are having but we were lucky and it was only wet but not real bug winds.

  10. Bryan : The winds here continue to gust. From where I am sitting I can see no trees but the shaking of the storm windows tells Alex and me a lot. The furball doesn’t like that noise at all and has retreated to the kitchen where there are no windows but where he does have lots of kitty cat food.

    I’m glad the J-town tree missed your friend’s house and that folks in your area have been spared these winds.

    You are so right: Alex doesn’t allow me to spend much time sitting anywhere in the house. The only except is when I am in bed napping and that’s because the furball is usually curled up nest to me.

  11. Okay. I just got to watch your chair in action. I want a ride!!!

  12. Nick, I am glad that you are enjoying your chair! Sure looks comfy. What does Alex think of it? You will have to share it with him.

    Take care and blessings.

  13. Carol: You may certainly ride the chair. All you have to do is come by here.

    Pam: Yes, it is comfortable! As for Alex, mostly he has looked at the chair and me in it from a distance. I rather expected him to jump up and snuggle on me, maybe even cat nap. I don’t think he trusts the chair yet.

    Twice today he has jumped on the arm of the chair from which he climbed onto the table. Those two times were when I was eating lunch and dinner, respectively.

    At lunch he sought to explore the hamburger that Tasha had brought me from Burger King. I did what I usually do when Alex takes an interest in my food and broke off a very small piece of the beef and offered to him. He surprised me by rejecting the hamburger and eating a piece of lettuce! I don’t understand this cat!

    At dinner he wanted to investigate the cheese I was eating. I cut off a small piece and he gobbled it up. I repeated that two more times before Alex decided that he had had enough and jumped off the table and scampered across the room where he sat looking at the chair while he groomed himself. Silly cat!

  14. Dear Nick ~~ Great chair and the video worked for me. I am so glad that you finally have got some hept and so glad the leg pain is less in the chair. Thank you for your Prayers for all Australia. I really appreciate that as we all do. Take great dacre of yourself Nick and have a wonderful 62nd birthday on Sat
    14th February. Thank you again so much for your concern. Love, Merle.

  15. Dear Nick

    The video worked just fine ... what a brilliant chair you have ... and good that your leg pain is less because of it.

    Have a very Happy 62nd Birthday on Saturday.

    Best wishes from the UK

  16. I think the most comfortable chairs are at the dentist's office- but then they ruin it for you. ;)

    If I had a chair like yours, I don't think I'd ever get out of it.

  17. That chair looks especially inviting; and of COURSE you should celebrate it as part of the whole! HAve a great day!

  18. Great chair! Glad it's helping your back and legs.