Tuesday, February 10, 2009

It Was a Very Good Day

Sunshine on My Shoulders ~ John Denver

Some sort of fog lifted from my brain this morning! Things were suddenly clear before my eyes and my brain was working, sort of like I was in a groove; truly focused!

When Alex and I left our bedroom this morning, the furball turned right down the hallway to the back door that opens onto our deck rather than his usual left toward the kitchen and his breakfast. Of course, I following him and opened the door for him. Alex stepped right outside onto deck without his usual sitting and looking around and waving his tail. And I followed him out on the deck into marvelous (compared to the past few weeks) 50 degree F weather.

Alex didn’t stop on the deck, not even to give himself a good grooming. He actually bounded across the deck and down the steps and began rolling around on the backyard sidewalk. I wanted to watch him play, so I was headed toward the deck steps for a better view when I was stopped short. My 57 feet of nosehose were completely stretched out and I could go no further.

As I began to curse the nose for bringing me to a halt, my groovy brain offered me an immediate solution. Because I can’t attach more hose without jeopardizing the amount of oxygen I receive, I had felt limited. However, my brain flashed the solution: move the oxygen concentrator.

The oxygen concentrator has been housed in my second bedroom, which opens into my library/study:

Yeah, that hole in the door was the result of one of my earliest “guests,” a 20-year-old guy named Jason who I evicted one Saturday night when I came home from a church function to find him and a few other guys partying with some 14-year-old girls. [I drove the young ladies to their homes and told Jason that he was not to be in my house when I returned]. He was gone when I returned. However, the next morning Jason came back—why did I not think to demand the key to my house from him?—put that hole in my bedroom door and appropriated without my permission some of my CDs, DVDs, clothing, and about $50.00 in coins that collected by emptying my pockets each night of whatever change I had in them. My brain was really in a fog back in those days!

Back to yesterday. To solve my nosehose problem I simply moved (it has great wheels) the oxygen concentrator from the spare bedroom into the library/study! 

I do not know why I never thought of that before! Now I have enough nosehose to walk everyplace on my deck and even across my (very small) front lawn.

Some other neat things happened today, too! As you know, my 63rd birthday is next Saturday-February 14th. Today I received via Federal Express and UPS two birthday presents, both from folks who I have met through blogging:

I am so excited! It has been many years since I have received such neat birthday gifts!

And, I also received a telephone call from the medical supply company informing me that my electric lift chair will be delivered tomorrow!

It was a grand day for both Alex and me! 


  1. Thank you Nick, for the birthday wishes you left for me on my blog comments. That meant a great deal, and I appreciate it so much.

    Have a glorious day.

  2. I'm excited too about the warmer weather we've had the last few days.

    Hope you have a great birthday week!

  3. Sounds like it was a wonderful day! Yay for brain fog lifting. Enjoy this warmer weather.

  4. Nick,it is so good to read that you and Alex enjoyed the day in the warm weather. Such wonderful news about your lift, too.

    I really enjoyed the cats pics yesterday on TBIM. I was in google reader trying to catch up.

    May you have abundant blessings,this birthday week and through out the year.

    Peace and Love...

  5. Hootin' Anni: You are more than welcome! I hope that your birthday was a happy one and that your happiness continues.

    Silverneurotic: Yes! The turn around in this weather from the last few weeks is spirit lifting! Although it’s now drizzling, with a temperature of 55 F both Alex and I have been out.

  6. Squirl: Yes, it was a wonderful day! I hope that today is a continuation of yesterday!

    Finding Pam: Thank you! If the forecast is on target, today should be warmer than yesterday. I am expectedly awaiting the call to schedule the delivery of my lift chair while Alex, who just came back inside, is sitting beside me giving himself his morning bath.

    Gledwood: That’s a good question: I really don’t know what he was on—except for sex. After I threw him out of my house, I learned from his grandfather that he had been indicted on several counts statutory rape in another county. I was then very happy that I came home that Saturday night earlier than I had expected and got those 14-year-olds home to the parents before Jason and his two buddies seduced any of them.

    BTW, the last I heard of Jason (about 5 years ago) he was in prison.

  7. Well, everything sounds just perfect! Enjoy, Nick!

  8. James Higham : Thank you!

    Carol: Yes, all is perfectly fantastic! At the moment I am enjoying watching Alex nap on my desk. I love watching the little ball of fur sleep.

  9. I have a book by Thich Nhat Hanh as well called Peace Is Every Step; it is wonderful! I hope you like the one oyu got, and hope you will share with us any insight you gained. Your blog was in my Google Alerts this morning, I am not sure why, but I thought I would check it out!

  10. We're having great weather here too. I hope yours continues. I'm wishing you a Happy Birthday now as I'm headed out of town this weekend.

  11. I am thrilled the book made it to you before your birthday!!! See, having a wish list is a good thing!! Hope you enjoy it!

  12. I'm glad it was a good day! And hurrah for moving the concentrator!! Don't you love it when you have one of those epiphanies as you did? I tend, afterward, to stand proudly and asking myself, "why haven't you thought of that before???"

  13. Oh wonderful Nick, things are looking up for you! :)

  14. I love my electric lift chair. It has served well. It was my mothers before it became mine. I can adjust it to the angel best for my breathing. Enjoy yours.

  15. Isn't it exciting to get parcels through the post, Nick? And I'm so happy to hear your electric wheelchair will be arriving tomorrow.

    A word of warning...NO racing or doing donuts and burnouts, Nick...rofl!

  16. I interrupt these comments in response to you comments to make the following announcement:

    My lift chair arrived at approximately 4:00 PM. After trying it out for a bit, I retired for a four hour nap. Alex and I were awake and up at 4:30 AM and I took none of my usual naps because I feared I’d miss the delivery of the chair. I shall post pictures of the chair—and me in it—tomorrow after Tasha comes to work and acts as personal photographer.

  17. Kori : Thank for dropping by. I am so glad that Nick’s Bytes was in your Google Alerts!
    Thich Nhat Hanh is, to me, a vital peacemaker of the past 60 or so years. I’m glad you have been able to read his words. I don’t think that anyone can read him and not be touched by what he says. Of course I shall pass on what I learn from the book.

    Enola: A appreciate your wishing me a happy birthday. Yes, this weather I astonishing after the cold, ice, and snow! It is now about 4:30 AM and the thermostat read 59 F! Alex had already had his breakfast and is outside catting around!

  18. Xmichra : I, too, am thrilled about the book’s arrival and am already enjoying it immensely. Last evening I sat in my new lift chair and read another thirty or so pages. The dialogue between Tich Nhat Hanh and Daniel Berrigan—between Buddhism and Christianity—flows superbly. I am learning quite a bit and I write that having been involved in Buddhist-Christian dialogue since the 1970s.

    At the rate I’m reading the book, I’ll have competed by first reading by this evening. Then I’ll set it aside for a few days and do my second, slower reading during which I shall glean much more from it than I have in the first reading.

    Lynilu : Thank you! Monday was a good day and so was yesterday. Iknow exactly what you me by those epiphanies that cartoonists indicate with a light bulb above one’s head! Such a simple solution!

  19. Akelamalu : Yes, things are looking up and I feel very grateful that the Light of the universe is shining upon me! Last night is was a delight to sit in that new chair with my legs raised and have no pain in my legs or back!

    Dr.John : Ah! You, too, have an electric lift chair! And you are so right! Besides relieving the pains in my legs and back, the chair is helping me to breath more easily.

  20. Puss-in-Boots : Yes! I did not remember how exciting it is to receive unexpected gifts through the mail. I received another—a long desired CD—in yesterday’s mail. I have never had a birthday celebration that has begun so early or lasted this long!

  21. Perhaps Alex was cleverly encouraging you to sort out the hose in order for you to join him in.

    CJ xx

  22. It's the simple things that enrich our moving what was formerly a chain and turning it into a great ennabler.

    And watching kitties play in the warm sun of course!