Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sunday Stuff

Today is Sunday. In preparation for the coming week, I have been doing some reflecting.

Around This Tired Old World

I have joined with the people in Australia as they have remembered, mourned, and honored the estimated 209 lives lost to brush fires.

Last week I discovered RAWA (Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan) and became a committed supporter: 

My prayers are lifted for the families of the miners killed in the coal mine explosion in the Chinese province of Shanxi.

It’s all in the connotation: 


This arrived on Friday: 

I am still learning how to operate it, especially how to keep its wheels off my nosehose. 

Prophetic Cartoon Strip

This cartoon arrived in my email for Alex:

Yesterday the cartoon became prophetic. In the afternoon the snow began falling while my furball was outside cattin’ around. Out of my window, I saw Alex streaking across neighbors’ lawns toward our house as the snow fell around—and on—him. I was able to open the door just as Alex leaped on the porch. He continued running in his wildebeest stampeding mode into the house and leaped on my our desk. When I shuffled up to the desk, the wet furball jumped into my arms and cuddled until his fur was fairly dry. Then he leaped down and spent the next 20 or so minutes sitting on the furnace outlet and licking his coat. Silly cat! 


I do not look forward to the examination scheduled for me next Tuesday at the Veterans Administration Hospital:


  1. Nick, I'm to the point of angst that leaves me emotionally flattened regarding the events in our world, and this week, I've had to avoid news to keep myself afloat. I admire that you are so compassionate and join you as much as I can muster in these causes. I'll bounce back at some point, but not just now.

    You look good in that wheel chair! Hurrah! And BTW, I have a shirt very similar, if not just like the one you're wearing in the photo!!

  2. Nice wheels Nick! No speeding mind, once you get to grips with it. Alex will no doubt be needing a few lifts.

  3. Nick great posting.I really get a kick of the doctor's cartoon.

  4. It's good to see you, Nick. I'm glad you got your wheelchair.

    I'm glad that you're my friend.

  5. nick...this is my first visit to your blog, thanks to mike! I'll be back to read you again soon!

  6. Oh, I like your new set of wheels!

  7. A this and that post. Some of the thises are truly horrendous and some of the thats are amusing. Nice wheels!
    Good luck with your test.

  8. Congratulations on your new wheels!

    As for the exam, look at it this way: as bad as it is for you, the doctor definitely has it worse!

  9. Hi Nick

    Come get your award. :-)

  10. i expect to see you in the local wheel chair races with Alex on your head giving directions- nice warm shirt by the way