Friday, April 03, 2009

Back Online, with a Few KATZ

The keenest sorrow is to recognize ourselves as the sole cause of all our adversities.
- Sophocles

y thanks to everyone for your concern while I have been offline! I screwed up by trying to use a boot disk to get my reluctant computer to start up and instead reinstalled Windows XP, which deleted every program and file I had on the computer.

But now I am back online, although I ain't happy! The AT&T disk I needed to reinstall my DSL connection came on Thursday and it took me the rest of the day to get and part of this morning to get it operational. Then I was able to download and reinstall the program to enable me to import and intsall the "full disk backup files." It appears that I have lost no files, but all of the files are in the wrong places and folders. I am still working on sorting the files and putting them back where they belong.

Worst of all, although I was able to recover files using the backup program, I was unable to recover programs! Since 4:00 a.m. this morning I have been trying to locate programs and reintsall them. At the moment I have but a few back on the computer. I feel frustrated, very tired, and on the borderline of beiong depressed.

At least Alex understands and has been "helping" me, like pushing a stack on program CDs off of my desk and on to the floor so that he could nap under the high intensity lamp; and sneaking up and clawing me when he thinks I have been working on the computer too long. I really love my furball!

I do not know how often I am going to be able to post over the coming days. If it takes as long as I suspect to put the computer back together and get the bugs out, it may take me a very long time. But for now, I am going to turn off the computer, join Alex in dinner, take a nap, and spend the evening doing something that doesn't involve this damned computer!

Below are a few KATZ because I need to smile. OK?


  1. So happy you're back! Thank you for the katz!

  2. Uffff, how frustration, Nick! I had that happen to me once. I had a PC in the past and the thing that bothered me most of all is that I had to get my Word Doc. back, and pay an extra bundle. :(

    Hope you're back up and running soon!!!

  3. Oh no how frustrating for you!

    Glad to see you back - and I love the katz of course!

  4. So glad you are back, hope it goes back together better than you think it will.

    Big hugs,

  5. Glad to see you're back, but wow, I'm sorry about the problems. I've never (knock on wood) had anything like that happen and I'm so thankful. I'll look forward to your full=fledged return after the massive upload/reinstall is done.

  6. Glad that you are back,I missed your postings.Love the KATZ! I hope that you have a great weekend,and in the imortal word of The Snooze "Good Night Mrs.Calabach where ever you are!"

  7. I am glad to see you up and running again! I was really worried when there was no TBIM post! good thing carol posted :)
    enjoy your time away from the computer!! i know how frustrating it can be thinking about the computer all the time!

  8. I am glad to see you back, Rev Saint. Please look in your email for a message from me. And give Alex an ear rub from me.

  9. My dear friend we missed you and Alex so very much. I am sorry for your computer frustrations, but please take it easy and it will all still be there for you later.

    Thank you for the adorable pictures of the katz.

  10. Sorry about the computer problems, they are soooo frustrating. But I'm glad you're okay. Thanks for having Carol update us. We worry. :-)

    I hope you're in better spirits this morning and ready to work on getting your computer up-to-speed again.

  11. We missed you but knew Alex would help like pushing things around, etc.. hahah ..Frustrating but fo rme too important a connection. I'm always system restoring etc. to find you all again !!Sandy

  12. meh at computers! Your post was quite sane despite your frustration. And I love the katz! I hope you get some rest and revitalization.

  13. All is not lost. You need a good recovery program. You would be pleasently surprised at how easy data can be to recover after a format. Try not to install to much stuff cause everything you install has potential to overwrite the old files still sitting on your drive.
    I've recovered data from dead drives that needed to be frozen frist to get them booting, drives burned in a house fire and more. Email me and we'll hookup on msn and i can help you find the appropiate program for you siuation and get you going on it.

    Its always good to have a computer on your network or a second drive you can recover the files to.