Saturday, April 04, 2009

Eleven O'clock in the Morning

It's 11:42 a.m. I'm awake after sleeping fifteen hours straight. I've been up about half an hour; fed ALex; let the furball out on the deck to bask in the warmth of the sun.

I've taken my morning meds (lots of 'em these days) with a large glass of organe juice. I've checked the voice mail on my phone: the only message was from a medical laboratory that Dr. Mike asked to come by to draw blood from me for testing. The lab wanted me to call back with the best time today "before eleven" for someone to drop by. Sorry, but it's well after 11:00 and when I called back the lab was closed.

I checked my morning snail mail: another couple of things I must add to my "to do" list. Thankfully, neither are urgent.

I sit at my desk, gazing at the computer. What do I do next? All of the frustrations of my attempts from yesterday flash through my mind:
  • Alex's blog: Several unwanted posts (none made by me) are on it, including one that automatically takes one to another website that my computer tells me is a dangerous site. The last thing I did yesterday was ask Blogger's help. I was told that I would receive an email with instructions; as of this morning this morning it has not arrived.
  • No audio: I discovered that my computer does not recognize its audio drivers, although the computer also tells me that they are installed and functioing OK.
  • Programs: There are numerous programs that I need to reinstall, including Microsoft Office, for which I do not have the passwords. Yesterday I spent several hours attempting to obtain passwords. I had no success.
So I sit looking at my computer trying to decide what problem to tackle next. I end up writing this post.

Now I think I shall walk away from my desk and join Alex in basking in the warm sunshine outside. I'll get all that I can do to restore the computer done eventually, but now I am too burned-out on it to work on it.


  1. You go and enjoy the sun with Alex the computer will still be here when you get back. Who knows, maybe the 'puter fairy will have fixed it for you. :)

  2. yep,soaking up the sun is a great idea.don't let the gremlins get you down. as far as the audio problem goes I had that problem as fix it I had to uninstall the driver and go the the manufactures site and redown load the driver.

  3. Good luck, man. It's too bad Alex's blog got hijacked, and I hope Blogger support actually helps. Sometimes you really have to hound them.

  4. One step at a time, but first things first. The sun is way more healing than the computer. Bask away!

  5. It is frustrating to have the computer not functioning at full capacity, isn't it? Then add the trouble with Alex's blog. You have some work ahead of you, for sure. Take it a little at a time. We'll wait. :)

  6. That's the best thing to do, Nick. Walk away, sit in the sun and don't become stressed over something you are unable to fix. Keep well.

  7. I'm glad you're back!

    •You might like the free software suite Open Office as an alternative to Microsoft, at least until you find your passwords. (In my experience it's just as good, but runs a little slower.)

    •Have you tried changing the password on Alex's blog?

    •Be careful taking meds with orange juice. OJ is acidy, and some combinations will upset your stomach.