Sunday, April 05, 2009

Alex and the Baby Bunny

Last night, after his dinner,Alex asked to go outside. I opened the front door for the furball and left it open while I sat at my computer still trying to get it back up to snuff.

While I was at the computer, Alex came running through the open front door and I heard a squealing sound coming from him. Afraid that the was seriously hurt, I jumped up and followed the furball into the kitchen. There I saw that Alex had a very live baby rabbit in his mouth! It was the rabbit that was squealing, not Alex.

I yelled at Alex, who dropped the rabbit, who ran into the corner and wedged itself between a box and my corner cabinet. Alex, of course, chased after the rabbit. I grabbed Alex and put him in the small bedroom and closed the door on him.
Then I returned to the kitchen and tried to catch the baby rabbit.

Have you ever tried to
catch a rabbit? I failed. The little rabbit hopped furiously across the kitchen floor from the corner to I don't know where.

After 20 minutes of searching for the rabbit with no success, I decided to let Alex out of his jail. I figured that Alex would find the rabbit for me and then I could rescue it. Alex went to the corner of the kitchen, the last place he had seen the rabbit. Of course, the bunny wasn't there. Alex smelled around the floor, but never found the rabbit. Instead, he demanded to go back outside.

I left the front door open until I went to bed to (1) allow Alex to come in and (2) allow the bunny to get out. Alex came in, but I don't know if the rabbit went out. So. as of this morning, as far as I know, I have a baby bunny someplace in my house! I only hope that I find him before (1) he dies from lack of food/water or (2) Alex finds him.

Damned cat!

Silly rabbit!

Tired me!


  1. I hope the rabbit made it out the door on its own. What a situation.

    I hope you can get your PC pulled back together working properly again. When did this start? Do you think you got the Confiker virus? Good luck!

  2. Oh poor wittle wabbit. I hope it sneaked out while Alex wasn't looking. :)

  3. Oh no! I hope you find him. My mother tells a story about her old cat Tommy that they had when she was much younger. Tommy had had a catnip mouse he was playing with and was ripping it up and making a mess so she took it away from him. He immediately asked to go outside. About 10 minutes later he was back at the door so she let him in - and he came in with a live mouse which he proceeded to immediately let go in the house! He showed no further interest in it and ignored all entreaties to go find it. Luckily for my mother, the next day he forgot about his little revenge and caught the mouse.

    I hope that Alex doesn't find the bunny before you do!

  4. Oh, dear! I have had cats bring me all kinds of "presents" for the yard, but never a bunny. My Tigger brought me mice and birds to the porch. Fortunately, the worst that I know of that was brought inside was a variety of bugs! Grasshoppers and crickets were frequent lodgers at my roadhouse!

    I hope the bunny has a happy ending. Ask Alex how he is going to feel if this is the Easter bunny, and all the children will now be disappointed. ;D

  5. My folks have two country gentlemen who are experts at bunny hunting. Regrettably, they are also bunny murderers.

    I'm glad that my boy is an indoor guy.

    I hope your story turns out well.

  6. Dear me! Alex has captured the Easter Bunny! I hope that all turns out well!

  7. Nick, I can just see you trying to catch the little bunny! I hope he made his escape before Alex found him.

  8. Sometimes we have the best of intentions and get ourselves in such a pickle! I hope you find the baby bunny soon.

  9. Naughty Alex! You would think a rabbit would be too big to fit into a cat's mouth wouldn't you!

    CJ xx

  10. My word, what a story. And right here at Easter. I read above that you had spotted him and he was still in. Is it wrong to pray for the safety of a baby bunny?

    And Alex is just doing what comes naturally to him. Way to go on being an excellent 'mouser/bunnier', but I sure am glad you rescued the baby bunny :)

  11. Early arrival of the Easter Bunny! I could not get your link on today's, 17 April post to open so I went in search of your bunny rabbit story. Pretty darn cute! Little rabbits sure can squeal. Seems he/she is quite content, watch out for those brown "jelly beans" :)