Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Beginning of a Bunch of Very Old Photographs

A few weeks ago my sister, Deb, brought me some old photos she had found. A bunch of old photos! I have decided to share them with you, a few at a time.

Here's the first bunch (you may click on a photo to obtain a larger image):

My little sister, Debbie, and me with our live Easter Bunny at Uncle Frank's house.
Jenny, the pony my Uncle Frank bought for me

Jenny & me

Jenny & me

Playing cowboy gunfighter in my Uncle Frank's back yard.

Playing Space Cadet in my Uncle Frank's backyard.

High School Graduation, 1964: I'm the short dude in the middle.

Uncle Frank & me with my new Pontiac GTO, 1966

LT me, West Germany, 1970

My first son and me in our apartment in West Germany, 1971.

BE WARNED: There are a lot more very old photos coming over the next several weeks!


  1. I like looking at old photographs. :)

  2. I neve get enough of them Good stuff Sandy

  3. Awh, you are so cute as a kid. I love the photo of you with your baby. I look forward to more photos. I hope you are better now.

  4. I love looking at old photos! The shoes you are wearing in the first photo take me back. And clearly your Uncle Frank was an important man in your life. It is good to have that relationship with relatives, isn't it? Fun to see these! Thanks for sharing.

    I am scanning the old family photos into the computer to put on CDs, and I'm am having major nostalgia!

  5. I love old pictures.
    So we both had ponies when we were growing up.

  6. Great photos! I'll be back to see more.

  7. You won't bore me with old photos - I love 'em!!

    You were such a cutie on your pony and very 'hip' standing next to your car!

    Bring 'em on!

  8. Thanks for sharing. Those are so fun to look at.

  9. What wonderful memories for you! A real treasure to find. Look forward to more.

  10. Nick,
    These are great pictures-you know how much I love the old black and white photos!

  11. Old family photos can be so much fun!

  12. They're gorgeous. How thrilling to have your own pony. And what a lovely way to share some life history.

  13. I LOVE old photos. You looked like you were an imaginative little boy. Around 7 years old with your pony?

    Have a great day Nick.

  14. Old photos...great. Loved the ones of you and Jenny, they're special aren't they? I'm looking forward to seeing some more.

    Hope all is well with you and Alex, Nick.

  15. Dear Nick ~~ I enjoyed seeing all the old photos and it looks like you had some good times as a child, especially at Uncle Frank's home.
    I am glad you had him in your life.
    I hope you are feeling much better
    these days and I hope the audio returns to your computer. Take great care, my friend, Regards, Merle.

  16. the photos are great Nick! You make a mighty fine cowboy and look very comfy with Jenny
    I look forward to seeing more pics in the future!
    Best Memorial Day Wishes to you and Alex!