Thursday, May 07, 2009

This Too Shall Pass

In case you haven’t noticed, recently I have found it more and more difficult to write Nick’s Bytes and Alex’s blog, Alexicon, and to find the time to visit other blogs. That’s been partly because of continued problems with my computer: I am making very slow progress in getting it back into the (good) condition it was in before I inadvertently wiped it out by reinstalling the operating condition. Very slow progress.

I have not had a much time as I need to work on anything for almost a week because I am about halfway through a regime of meds the doc prescribed to keep me from going into pneumonia. The meds are antibiotics and steroids . The really make me feel sick! Besides which, although my body feels exhausted , my mind will not slow down and allow me to sleep. I suspect the steroids as the culprit.

Without sleep and even with a racing mind I tell myself that I should be able to accomplish much more than usual. But that’s not true. I am in what I suspect someone who is bi-polar experiences when they are in the manic stage.: even though I am “awake” (against my will!) and doing things, my functioning seems to be minimal and I make mistakes-over and over again I make mistakes! For example, on the average I have used three test strips for each time in have tested my blood. That’s a costly error because those damned things are expensive!

Of course, it could be that there is something else going on in this house that is impacting me. Perhaps because we have had so much rain recently and he is bored at not being outside catting around, Alex has been spending his non-catnapping time with me. That includes nesting on me when I sit in my recliner and sitting between me and the computer when I am trying to work or, even more demanding, wanting to be cuddled by me no matter where I am, even when I'm sitting on the bathroom throne!

Well, that’s OK. Alex is my best chum and I love the furball dearly. Besides, this situation will change soon. Like the weather (no rain forecast for today), life is filled with transformations! I note that I have only nine steroid pills left to take over the next four days. Then, perhaps, I can enjoy a nice, long, dream-filled sleep!


  1. Perhaps Alex senses that you need calming?

    I wonder whether you can find a meditation/relaxation online to listen to, which would help calm your racing thoughts?

    Sending good wishes.

  2. That's a nice picture of you and Alex. I hope you're feeling better soon.

  3. Hang in there Nick, I know those steroids make you crazy. I think Alex senses your distress in not sleeping. This too shall pass.

    I am keeping you in my prayers.

  4. I think a good night's sleep will do you the world of good. Alex obviously knows you need him right now.

    CJ xx

  5. Our pets are quite perceptive, and while part of his closeness may be attributed to his own needs, I suspect he is also aware of your discomfort and is reaching out to you. I have experienced that with so many pets through the years.

    Nick, I will keep you close in my heart as you repair your body and the computer. Peace.

  6. i think it is the steroid. Still, i know that would suck, not being able to settle the mind for sleep, and it does affect you in your awake life.

    Hope you start to feel better soon, and that the meds did stave off any chances for pneumonia.

  7. Steroids can be a necessary evil when you have breathing problems but the side effects are bad. :(

    Hope you manage to get a restful sleep very soon Nick. x

  8. I do remember the "joys" of being on steroid pills so I empathise with you totally friend.

    Take care of yourself, and Alex of course, and take your time. It is always good to see you at my place, but whenever you can. Blogging is for enjoying not enduring! Hope the computer troubles iron out soon. :)

  9. Alex told me that you aren't feeling well but your cat did not say that your computer is sick, too. I told Alex to take very good care of you because you are an important part of this world.

    I hold you and Alex in my prayers, Saint Nick.

  10. Yeah, Nick, steroids can have the damnedest effect on your functioning. However, only four more days of them and let's face it, it's better than pneumonia.

    Hopefully, things will be back to normal for you soon and Alex can stop his nursing of you and go to play outside.

    Take care, Nick and I hope you feel better soon.

  11. It's good that you only have a few days left on the steroids. Sounds like you should be yourself again soon.

  12. THANKS EVERYBODY! I would address each of yoru individually, but since my firewall is still iffy, I want to spend as little time as possible online.

    I have appreciated Alex’s attention, even if part of it revolves around Tasha finding Alex’s absolutely favorite treats, Greenies, at the grocery. They had not carried them previously and masking special trips to the pet food store just for Greenies is difficult.

    I only have three days and six steroid pills to take! Yesterday I was able to sleep a total of about seven hours in three sessions. That’s much better than it has been. I just awakened from my night’s rest (from 4:00 AM to 6:15 AM) and as long as I have all of this energy (and my mind and body feel about equally rested) I’m going to do some constructive stuff!

  13. Hi Nick,

    I'm thinking of you and wishing you well through all of this. As you say, "This too shall pass", but while you're in it, it doesn't necessarily feel like it will pass soon enough!

    I'm glad that Alex loves you - and so do many humanoids. Sending you hopes for well-being, much love, and many hugs.

  14. I love the photgraph of you and Alex. Not long left now Nick!
    Take care. *big hugs* (for two!)

  15. Nick,
    I'm sending all my good wishes and hopes that you get through this quickly!

  16. I have heard that steroids are brutal on your system. I'm sorry you are feeling so poorly while trying your best to get well. Arggh..

    Sending hugs and prayers your way for a fantastic sleep coming soon.

  17. I would absolutely hate going through my days like that. My mind goes 100mph even without any kind of medication. I probably wouldn't be able to function at all like that.

  18. have you tried system restore on

  19. I love how Alex loves to cuddle with you!
    I hope you get your PC all fixed up soon.