Thursday, June 04, 2009

Heat Update & a Few Other Quickies

Last night I slept in my bed rather than the living room chair for the first time since Saturday night. The stormy weather (at the moment it is 58 F) has cooled off my bedroom. 

I still have no information of the repair of my air conditioner, but I should be cool in the house at least another day; the weather is forecast to remain cool until Saturday, when the high is forecast as 88 F.
For the past few days my glucose level  has been the lowest (lower than what is healthy)  it has ever been since I began testing about a month ago. I wondered if that was because I have been too hot to eat?.

When I told that to Dan-el, the nurse who now visits me weekly, this morning , she went over the symptoms of Low Blood Sugar. Yep! Exactly how I've been feeling and  the result of me not eating. 
It sadden me to hear of the death of David Carradine.  I appreciated him as a human being, full of life and a roll model for many. When will the media talking head stop using the phrase this president and speak his name? That phrase was developed during the last administration to distinguish the then president from his daddy. I believe it is time to bury it.
I am still applauding President Obama’s Cairo speech. I wonder how the Muslim world is responding?


  1. Great posting.I was shocked at the death of Keith Carradine as well.

  2. I'm glad you're getting some respite from the heat. 58° sounds very nice! My outside temp is 69°, but her in the mountains surrounded by high desert, it will drop very quickly now that the sun is down. Rest well.

    Nick I recently read (actually listened to) a book that I enjoyed more than I have any in a long time. It is "Exile" by Richard North Patterson. A gripping plot, excellently written, but what I appreciated most is the fact that the book takes a look at both sides of the Arab/Israeli conflict. Always 2 sides, neither totally right. I hope that President Obama's efforts and extended hand will be met well. It has been a very long time since we have not been in an active conflict, and It would be so amazing to be out of that state of existence. I'm always hopeful.

  3. Mike Golch: Thank you, Mike. Iam even more shocked that they news is saying that his death was suicide.

    Lynilu: Thank you; my sleep is wonderful now and I hope it continues to be so. The best sleep that I have ever experienced has been in the desert.

    I, too, have read Exile and appreciate the honest presentation of the Israeli/Palistinian situation. Another such novel is entiled Damascus Gate by Robert Stone.

  4. Eat, Saintly Nick, eat! Low blood sugar is not better than high blood sugar. Goldilocks here is wanting yours to be "just right". ;-)

    David Carradine brought so much to the lives of many. I wonder if he knew how much he gave to others. He will be missed.

  5. Are you fasting, Nick? Is it purposeful or do you just not feel like eating?

  6. You need to eat Nick, take care of yourself. x

  7. Carol: It's strange, considering how obese I am, that someone needs to tell me to eat! Yes, I am eating, although probably not as frequently as I should be.

    Emerging From The Fire: No, I really wasn't fasting. It was just that it was so hot in the house that I wasn't hungry.

    Akelamalu: Yes, I must eat! I am learning, maybe slowly, how to deal with this diabetes stuff!

  8. Glad to hear the weather is cooling down for you. I hate hot weather, and would be lost without my A/C. Hopefully it gets fixed quickly!

    Take care of yourself, silly guy. Even when it's hot, your body needs fuel to keep it running properly. Stock up on salads, fruits, and veges for the warm weather.


  9. Hope you get your air conditioning back soon! I know that can be a pain.

  10. Oooh I hope your aircon is fixed before the weather heats up again Nick. I wonder how I did without mine before last summer.

    I heard President Obama's Cairo speech. Hallelujah! A president with nous, compassion and gumption. Long may he reign...well for the next 7 1/2 years anyway.

  11. Callie: Thank you. Yep, the weather has been cooler for the past few days. This morning one could say it was cold in the house. That "one" was Alex who, when not snuggling in my arms, was curled up around the heat producing oxygen compressor. Unfortunately, as the weather does, the temperatures are rising and my Sunday are forecast to again be in the high 80s and 90s F.

    Yep, I've been eating OK and noticing my body's signals. Still, I awake this morning with the symptoms of low blow sugar. I drank some OJ and 10 minutes later was OK. I think there is still a lot more I need to learn about being diabetic.

  12. El: Thank you. So far no information about the AC. Three guys went into the backyard yesterday, but by the time I hobbled through the house to the deck, they had departed. This morning I telephoned me Lord, the landlord, but couldn't reach him. I left a message paraphrasing a few of the Pslams: How long, O LORD, must I suffer?

  13. Puss-in-Boots: Thank you. I, too, hope the AC is operating soon. Leaving my doors open to bring in the cooler outside air has also brought in something that I'd not considered: allergins! That is not good!

    I have been looking at world reaction to President Obama's Cairo speech and what I've found is that the reactions, as they say about our Congress, have basically followed "party lines." The Left Wing and Center applaud his words; the Right Wing attack them. Here is the U.S. I noticed something I'd not expected: Liberals saying that he is too pro-Israel while Conservatives saying that he is too pro-Muslim. I suppose one just can't please everyone and, to me, that's OK.

  14. As I get older, and live in this part of the country, when it gets hot, we are usually on the watermelon diet.....for no other reason than not wanting to cook or eat anything heavy ; )

    Freeze some bananas/strawberries and make a small smoothie every once in awhile. I'm doing that this year, plus adding some whey powder and organic apple juice.

    Good Luck on the AC. We have one little window unit in our place. Suffering a bit when the humidty gets high for a few days or week, but, not a suffer compared to others in the world!