Wednesday, June 03, 2009

No AC & I'm...

My air conditioning went out Monday. We've been having 90 F days here and I suppose I'm not alone in being without AC. Patrick, the young man who purchased my house after ABN AMRO (they posted a $1.24 billion after taxes loss in the first quarter of this year) foreclosed on me and is now my landlord, had the man who repaired the the AC last year look at it. This time the repair isn't going to be as simple or inexpensive as last time:  the AC unit needs either a compressor or a completely new unit. I don't know if Patrick can afford the repair: his business hasn't been too great since the recession began.
When Patrick telephoned me to tell me about the AC, also said that there would be a guy coming over at 1:00 tomorrow to appraise the house so that he can get a loan on it at a better rate and perhaps reduce my rent. That sounds good; however, I am paranoid enough (I have no trust in capitalists) to fear that Patrick really plans to sell the house out from under me. The idea of moving further nauseates me.
I've already been nauseated by the heat since Monday evening. The inside of the house got up to 88 F yesterday and today. The ceiling fan in the living room and ice packs have been what have kept me a bit cool for the past 30 hours or so. 
Thankfully a thunderstorm whizzed through a couple of hours ago, dropping the outside temperature from 88 F to 67 F in less than an hour. The inside of my house is still 80 F, but I have the front door open and a fan blowing the cool outside air inside, directly on me.  I'm still a bit nauseous but my breathing is much better and I no longer feel as if I am choking.

Earlier this evening I realized that I'd not seen Alex in about nine hours. That's unusual: he usually comes home for meals. So I went out on the deck (I thought the furball might be under the deck where it's quite cool) and called him several times. No Alex. So I went out on the front porch and called him several times. Again no Alex.
I was beginning to really worry about him when I remembered that the AC repair guy went down the basement. Alex loves to explore the basement. So I opened the basement door and there was the furball at the top of the stairs. He meowed at me quite a bit (probably pissed off that he was behind the closed door and had missed a couple of meals). He was still meowing when I gave him his favorite dinner (with desert) and he didn't shut up until he began eating it.

I'm most thankful that Alex is OK!


  1. I'm thankful that Alex is ok, too, Nick. Just missing a couple of meals isn't too bad. Although Alex would probably disagree with us.

    I hope your landlord doesn't sell the house thus causing you to move again. When this property was sold, because my flat is attached to the house, I was sold as part of the goods and chattels...heheh. Not that I minded. My current landlords are more like family. It's just lovely.

    Fingers crossed that you won't have to move, Nick.

  2. I hope it stays cool until the repairs are done. I spent an August without A/C a few years back- not fun.

    We haven't gotten any rain in a while, just clouds and humidity. My allergies are the worst they've ever been. I wish we'd get a nice, cleansing shower.

    My Alice used to be bad about creaping into closets and getting herself shut in.

  3. I hope your landlord isn't going to sell the house. Crossing my fingers for you. Also crossing them that you can have the AC fixed.

    Glad that you found Alex, too.

  4. I'm hoping you can breathe through all of this. I know if I don't have a/c, my asthma kicks up big time. But when I used to have my cat, she LOVED lying on the cement in the basement. They're very adaptable.

    Hope everything goes well.....stay cool, drink lots of water!

  5. I wish that you could understand Cat - it would be interesting to know what all Alex said to you. I wonder if he was cussing you out or thanking you profusely - or both!

    I hope that it all works out where you don't have to suffer too much heat.

  6. GLad you found Alex.

    Is there a cheap dollar movie theater you could get too. I know getting out and about is difficult, but it would give you some air conditioning temporarily.

  7. Sorry Nick, I had to LOL at Alex as it sounded way too much like Mimi's Sam Cat. You can just open a door downstairs and he is beside you or heading down the hallway to the treasures of the basement. I hope you get the air fixed soon. We were finally given the go ahead to put our air on Tuesday. We had every fan in the house going until then. Enjoyed getting caught up with your blog. I truly enjoyed the May 31st one and hope to have more of the same on more Sundays.
    Peace be with you and I need to run along to other blogs in blogland so I can get caught up on their activities too.

  8. Could you get a window unit AC, in the bedroom at least?

  9. Phew, I'm sweating as I read, and it's only in the sixties here in Southern California--and this very morning, a spot of rain. So weird. Anyway, good news about Alex. George sends a woof.

  10. Couldn't you have a word with the guy upstairs and ask him to turn down the sun a bit?

  11. Aw silly fuzzball!! I'm glad he's not lost or anything.
    I sympathise on the no aircon- I would go totally barmy!

  12. I'm very glad that Alex is OK. Silly animals, cause us concern, don't they?

    Heat does the same to me, Nick, especially if there is humidity added in, and I know you have it there. I do well here in NM with very low levels of humidity, but I still watch the things that might cause overheating .... strenuous work outside or just too much sun exposure or hot rooms inside. I understand your plight, and I sincerely hope it gets resolved soon! Good luck, my friend.

  13. Mine lie all flat out on the back porch praying for some air hahah