Sunday, August 16, 2009

I Wish I Could Have been There

I Wish I Could Have been There (Woodstock)
(Words and music by John Denver)

I wish I could have been there on the highway
When the people came from miles around to see
The children of the flowers come together

I wish I could have been there in the sunshine
With the sound of lovely laughter in the air
And the music makers first began to play
To hear them play

And I wish I could have been there in the rain
When the clouds were full of castles in the sky
And I wish I could have heard the people sing
As the rhytmn and the words came floating by

I wish I could have been there in the starlight
When the country side was trying once again
And the music and the makers the poets and the singers
And the children of the flowers have all gone

Forty years ago today I was preparing to enter active duty as a U.S. Army (Armor branch) Second Lieutenant. I so wish that I could have been at Woodstock!


  1. Nick I watched it on BBC4 last night and loved it! I was barely a twinkle in my mums eye when it was on for real. ;o)

  2. Copy and paste this in your search bar. (it's at the bottom of comment)
    I have a feeling you might enjoy it, although it is radio, but I think you'll like it Nick.
    Oh! and keepan eye on this site, as we have had a few documentaries about Woostock that I believe will be put up on the site soon.

    Much love Lia xx

  3. I was a little too young to go my self,but I wished that I had as well.

  4. Love that video! It would have been so neat to have been there!

  5. If I had been born during that time, I wouldn't have missed such an event for the world. I've heard my father play this song many times, but it is only now that I truly understand the meaning of the lyrics. And it is utterly beautiful and very meaningful. I hope none of us would have to sing such a song that speaks of having not experienced and lived life to the fullest for one reason or another.

  6. I love John Denver, but I don't remember this song...

    Thanks for posting, Nick!