Monday, August 17, 2009

Sorry for not having T.B.I.M. Jokes & Humor Today

I really tried! A few hours ago I had almost completed what I judge as a really funny T.B.I.M. Jokes & Humor post. I was trying to save time because (1) I have an early morning medical appointment on Monday and (2) this weekend I have had to perform lots of household chores that I didn't have to do when Tasha was my housekeeper.

So, I began copying and pasting the jokes directly from the emails I received to Blogger rather than first editing them in a word processor. That worked fine until the last joke. When I tried to adjust the joke's appearance in Blogger, my whole T.B.I.M. Jokes & Humor post disappeared. It was at that moment that Blogger decided to automatically save the post and I have been unable to retrieve any of it.

Since I am too tired to start over, I have no T.B.I.M. Jokes & Humor post for you today.



  1. I'll wait for more jokes!

  2. Oh what a shame, never mind it's good to see you anyway. :)

    Why are you having to do the things Tasha used to do, why isn't the new lady doing them?

  3. Awe.. sorry to hear all that Nick! And the same question as Akelamalu.. Why are you having to do the things Tasha used to do, why isn't the new lady doing them?

  4. China Girl: I hope to have a jokes post up by 12:01 AM tomorrow!

    Akelamalu: Cassandra isn't fully cognitive of her duties yet. For example, Friday she put dishes in the dishwasher but didn't turn it one and she washed some towels in the washer but didn't put them in the dryer. Several other half-completed jobs that I had to finish, too.

    Xmichra: See above for my answer regarding Cassandra. One final example from Friday: Cassandra changed (added) water to the humidifier of my oxygen concentrator, but didn't screw it on completely so I wasn't getting all of the oxygen I should have been getting until I located and corrected the problem.

  5. Your new lady is driving me nuts, why the hell is she not looking after you better.

    Don't worry about the jokes,so long as you are ok that's all that matters to us.
    Much love,
    Lia xx

  6. Yep, as much as I love the jokes, it's more important that you're OK. Hopefully Cassandra will get the hang of things sooner rather than later.

  7. Lia: Cassandra did do a better job today, although I've not checked on all of her work. I've been using supervisory skills I learned 40 or so years ago when I first was a supervisor (as an army officer). The pattern goes something like this:

    If she doesn't know what do do, tell her.
    If she doesn't know how to do it, show her.
    If she still can't do it, find her another job.

    I think that we are now at the second stage. I taught her how to operate the dish washer today. Still, I wish that she would tell me that she doesn't know how to do something rather than my having to discovber it on my own. We're working one that, too.

    Tug: Thank you. I needed that assurance.

    Cassandra left about fifteen minutes ago. I did not want to nap until I was confident that she knew what and how to do today's tasks. Now, I can nap! After, of course, I check on the furball, who has been napping in the sunshine out on the deck for the past couple of hours.I suspect that Alex will tell me that he does not want to come inside. Soooooooo, I'll take a cat nap without the cat.

  8. Glad I'm not the only one who does things like that...and learns the hard way! Never mind, Nick, give us twice as many next Monday...

  9. Thank you for all your efforts, Nick - that happens to me too, sometimes...

    Hope all goes well at the doctors -

    Lotsa hugs!!

  10. So frustrating Nick. I got it the next day but that has happened to me before. Now I use Windows Live Writer and that will never happen to me again. AND I can edit in the blog properly. The preview is a genuine preview - on the same background as my blog with the same spacing, not just a white document where I need to start respacing stuff once published.

    To find out more about it go to Terry's Playpen - and this is a link to the actual post - Terry's WLW Exposed

    Terry's website is a mine of information - and if you read carefully, and follow the step by step, you'll find it is easier than it looks. You may as well try it out! Better than losing another post.

  11. Perhaps you could do Cassandra a list? You obviously have the patience of Job! :)