Wednesday, September 09, 2009

This Medical Insurance Thing

Tonight at 8:00 p.m. EDT, President Obama will talk about the advantages of a public-insurance option in his nationally televised address to a joint session of Congress on health insurance reform. I pray that any compromise that may be made to enable a passage of medical insurance reform includes the public-insuance option.

This reform of medical insurance means a lot to me. As those of you who have been reading my blog over the years may remember, I was without medical insurance for over 3 years and much of my present condition could have been prevented had I been able to afford MDs and medicine.

I have been quite active over the past months signing petitions, enlisting support, and generally speaking out (including to Congress) about the need for medical insurance reform in this country. I have also been in communication with lots of individuals. Below are some of the comments (which shall remain anonymous) that folks have made on medical insurance reform:

  • I heard a guy on Public Radio saying he didn't want government run healthcare, it comes out that he is 72 and on medicare/medicade. duh Didn't know he was already.
  • I read the bill a long time ago and I really don't understand the fuss except that the Ins. co. will stand to lose a lot of their exorbitant incomes. Their scare tactics have been effective though among the sheep who don't bother to read let alone check the stories and the sources and the whys but simply look at a headline from someone who frequently remains anonymous and unsubstantiated.
  • I am one of those people with a good full time job---I am a counselor for the VA---but no insurance. Since I work for a contractor and they do not offer health insurance to any employees, I am stuck. My husband got medically separated from the Army and he gets full VA coverage for a total of five years (two are already gone now) because he served ... Read Morein Iraq. We have a two year old. I went ahead and tried to obtain out of pocket coverage and finally am paying an arm and a leg monthly, plus have a $2500 per person per year deductible...and then after the fact, I found out they slapped me with a bunch of preexisting condition clauses without telling me. They include NORMAL things like allergies, anything to do with any kind of headache, and C-Section births! So I need some healthcare reform NOW!!
  • I am against the bill because I do not want to be forced to purchase health insurance. Not do I want to go to jail because I can’t afford to purchase it. According to a letter I got in the mail, I would have to pay $9600.00 for insurance or go to jail. I can’t afford that!
  • This (Patients with terminal illnesses are being made to die prematurely under an NHS scheme to help end their lives) is the sort of 'shock horror' story that US right-wingers love to peddle to deny millions of low-income families the right to free basic healthcare. Shame on anyone who thinks that this story, which is interesting but which probably affects a tiny fraction of elderly people approaching the end of their lives, should influence the decision to provide free healthcare to millions of desperate people.
  • There is no perfect health system, but the uk and most of the developed world has grown up past the point where only if you have the money, then you are entitled to health and social care. It is hard to believe America still proclaim itself to be a Christian country. Health and Social care for all has nothing to do with politics, its all about ... Read More people having the same chance of having their needs met, when they need it. Not if they can afford it.
  • Give me the socialist health care here in the UK that Jesus would have wanted, and not the American version that worships MAMMON.

I pray that during tonight’s address President Obama clears up some of the questions people have. I also pray the United States makes the needed reforms in medical insurance coverage so that no one will suffer or die in the future because they lack the money for medical care.

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  1. The problem is the huge debt in a country already in debt.