Friday, October 30, 2009

Friday Mishmash

The Blog Blast for Peace is almost here!

Have you created your Peace Globe?

Sometimes Saintly Nick's 2009 Peace Globe

Alex's 2009 Peace Globe

Are you aware of the proposed International Megan's Law?

This is an issue that has concerned me for many years:

At the moment there is before Congress there is a bill that could make a real difference in the fight against the buying and selling and trafficking of innocent children.

This bill, International Megan's Law, would mandate reporting requirements for convicted sex traffickers trying to engage in international travel, and prevent entry into the U.S. by any foreign sex offender against a minor. There are convicted sex traffickers trying to engage in international travel, and preventing entry into the U.S. by any foreign sex offender against a minor. This bill could make a real difference in the fight against the buying and selling and trafficking of innocent children. In the U.S. and around the world, thousands of pimps, traffickers, and child molesters are treating our kids like objects to be used and discarded. This bill will send a loud and unambiguous message to those who believe they can buy, sell, and abuse our children with impunity: never again.

For more information and to express your support of International Megan's Law, click here: Help Stop Child Sex Traffiking

I may never get to wear this shirt-jacket again!

Alex has been using it as a bed ever since it's been hanging on that chair.

How 'bout dem Yanks!

The World Series is tied!

I love KATZ


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  1. Great posting.I really like your globe and the furball's globe as well.

  2. thank you Holy Nick for your visit ank link, which I've reciprocated. great humor in your blog :)

  3. I suppose you'll have to but another shirtjacket!

    Thanks for the KATZ. I'm beginning the day with a big smile.

  4. Alex is funny pickin such a bright shirt to sleep upon. I am sorry but I think Megan's law is too soft.
    I think Sex offender should be used for targets at shooting ranges. If that is a little too violent just look in the eyes of a child who has been abused and that should change a Mind.
    Peace cannot be accomplished as long as we are so SOFT of these offender.
    Have a Great Pumpkin Nick and May Alex have a Mouse fest. Peace

  5. Love the peace globes Nick, Mine is scheduled to post on the 5th November.

    We have Sarah's Law here which was modelled on Megan's Law - it's such a pity that we need them, but need them we do!

  6. Miss Welby: Merci! my new friend. Reading your blog brings back the French I studied during my first year at University. Since that was about 45 years ago, I not remembering a lot, but it is fun.

  7. China Girl: I figure Alex will find a new nesting spot eventually and then I can have my shirt-jacket back.

  8. Lady Di Tn: As one who has worked with victims and perpetrators all all forms of child sexual abuse and exploitation, I tend to agree with you. Yet, I have had to keep my cool, even when I felt righteous anger to the point of wanting to castrate a perp.

  9. Akelamalu: Thank you. Alex and I both had fun creating our globes.

    I agree: it is horrible that we need such laws-- and still the children in the world are abuse and sexually exploited.

  10. Helloooo, Nick!

    I like your peace globe. I haven't invited my son over to help me create a new one this year. My creative juices haven't been flowing. We'll see what happens...

    I saw Rethink Afghanistan last weekend and in it, an Afghan man wanted to sell his tiny, precious daughter, because he had no money and couldn't even feed her. He basically said that if he could feed her, he wouldn't accept even a million dollars for her because he loved her. But he was so desperate that he was willing to sell her in order for he and his family to survive.

    I tell you this because I agree that we need laws to protect our children, but we also need to address the core problem of poverty, hunger, unemployment and hopelessness - all around the world.


  11. Carol: Thanks for your comment, my dear friend.

    Please invite your son to help with your Peace Globe! I'm sure he'll be willing. As for creative juices, I learned from writing sermons that often they don't materialize until one is well into the process.

    I hear what you are saying about parents caught in poverty who, out of desperation, sell their children. I believe that that is a very ancient custom throughout the world and understand that the International Megan's Law isn't aimed at the parents, but that the sex slaver who purchases and exploits the children.

    Where poverty, hunger, unemployment and hopelessness are concerned, I believe that every major religion addresses the needs of the poor in some way. Personally, I understand the response to poverty in the line from the Eucharistic prayer that I quote so often: We look to the day when sharing by all means scarcity for none. If all people would simply share from what they have, poverty could be ended tomorrow. Unfortunately, greed and fear prevent the majority of us from sharing, as the opposition to health care for all is demonstrating in the United States as this very moment.