Thursday, October 29, 2009

How 'Bout Dem Phillies!

The fact is the Phils won this game -- and the Yankees didn't lose it. Cliff Lee just dominated. ~ mstinger55 at

The fact is that I am not the baseball fan that I once was. When I was a kid, I'd visit my Uncle Frank (Frankie Joe to me) and Aunt Alma (Abba to me) on most weekends. saturdays during baseball season would find me in their living room watch baseball on TV, as Dizzy Dean and Pee Wee Reese called the game.

Usually I'd fall asleep during a game (score: 0-0) and awaken in a later inning (score 8-7) after all of the action had taken place. That rather affirmed what my ex-wife said when we lived in St. Louis and went to see the Cardinals play baseball: "Baseball is a game that packs ten minutes of action into two hours."

Through the years I seem to have watched less and less baseball (and more and more football). The exception is always the World Series. I always watch the world series. So, tonight found me watching Game 1 of the 2009 Series and a stellar performance by Philadelphia pitcher Cliff Lee. I didn't even fall asleep during the game!

Tomorrow night I'll be watching Game 2 of the series. I may not write any more blogs about it (unless there is another such grand performance), but I'll be watching.


  1. I've gone the other way- I watch more baseball and less football.

  2. I've never been a fan of major league baseball, but I think I may have to learn to enjoy it to some degree. The new friend in my life is a sports nut, and I suspect I could be lonely at times if I develop a basic appreciation for it! On the other hand, he and I share many other interests, so it shouldn't be too lopsided.

    OK, baseball, here I come.

  3. Just the thought of watching any sport is enough to put me to sleep! ;-)

  4. I thought that you were a Yankees fan.

  5. I enjoy baseball but I'm not all that fanatical about it. It may have been a different story if my Dodgers had been able to beat the Phillies.

    Cliff Lee was outstanding last night. But I am rooting for the Yankees.

  6. How bout dem Yanks! The series is tied!

  7. I enjoyed your baseball reference in your blog today. Especially, it was interesting to note your reference to PeeWee Reese. Until I was about 10 years old, PeeWee's mother lived three doors from us. PeeWee had already gone to the Dodgers before I knew who he was. However, until his mother moved to the Westend, PeeWee and his wife often spent the winters with his mother until time for spring training. During the summers, Mrs. Reese usually had one or two Louisville Colonels players who would stay with her. We used to go to Cincy to see Brooklyn play.

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