Saturday, December 12, 2009

A REAL Artist

Meditating Furball

I created the "painting" above and the one in Nick's Bytes header from photographs using the program Corel Paint. They required absolutely no artistic talent. I simply played around with the images until I decided that I liked what the program had created.

A few days ago I was thinking about my "art" as I visited the blog (A Life With A View) of a real artist, San Merideth. She is a real-life artist and art gallery owner who lives with her husband, Bennie, in the magical city of Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Often San includes one of her paintings in her blog posts. Her creations awe and amaze me. Below are a few recent works by San that have appeared in her blog. (You may obtain a larger view of the painting by clicking on it with your mouse; you may access the blog post in which it appeared by clicking on the painting's title below each image).

Canyon Spirits

Travels with the Magician

A Good Omen 

In One Dream and Out the Other

You may also desire to visit San's website (different from her blog) to view much more of her work:

And, if you are so lucky as to be in Santa Fe, New Mexico, may I suggest that you visit San's Convergence Gallery at 219 West San Franciso Street, Santa Fe, New Mexico 87501:

Thank you, San, my dear friend, for bringing so much creative beauty into my life through the years.


  1. Nick, you are so generous, my friend! I cannot thank you enough for posting all of those links and images.

    And I beg to differ with your assessment of the talent involved in your Corel "paintings." "Meditating Furball" is a masterpiece. Of course your subject is compelling, but your sense of color and composition is pretty special. Yes, those art history classes did take hold, didn't they? You are full of surprises, Nick, a Renaissance man.


  2. Great posting my friend.I'm on my way over to check out San's Blog

  3. I am wowed by San's paintings! Thank you for introducing me, Rev. Saint.

  4. Hi Nick,

    I'm San's daughter, Flannery. This post you put together is so sweet! I've loved checking it out! I also read the post right before it, with the kitty picture that says, "I have a sad." That is a way cute photo! Well, take care and have a very merry Christmas!

  5. Nick,

    You created a really nice tribute to San. She is a talented artist, entertaining blogger and a fun and complex thinker.

    You and San... two good people in my blogging friend land.

  6. San is a wonderful artist, Saintly Nick. I appreciate this introduction to her art.

  7. San: You are most welcome! It is my pleasure to introduce others to your magnificent art.

    So, maybe all of those college courses in art history I took and the many hours I have spent in museums on 2 continents weren't wasted?

  8. Mike Golch: Thank you, my friend. I hope that you enjoyed your visit to San.

  9. Azsonofagun: You're welcome, Rex. Isn't San's art wonderful?

  10. Flannery : Thank you. It's good to meet you, Flannery! A child of San's must be a wonderful person. Come back to Nick's Bytes whenever you desire. OK?

  11. Carol: Thank you. I appreciate knowing both San and you; your friendships are most dear to me.

  12. China Girl: You are welcome, my friend. I'm happy to have been able to introduce San, her blog, her art, and her gallery to you.