Thursday, December 10, 2009

Another Side of Christmas

I encountered this poem while I was searching the Internet for something else. It touches me, both personally and professionally.

The poet is named Steve Woodman. Searching the Internet has provided very little information about him, except that I believe that he is Canadian and these are his words about this poem, Unhappy Christmas:

It saddens me, that every day, children around the world suffer abuse from drunken parents, and at Christmas, a special time for children, parents use it as an excuse to get smashed and then take it out on their children.

This poem was written especially for the children.

Now the poem that shows a side of Christmas that I believe too many children have seen:

What did you get for Christmas?
Was it something nice?
I'm sitting here in Casualty,
My face is packed with ice.

I dread it every Christmas,
They never give me toys,
Daddy will get drunk again,
His nights out with the boys.

I know he doesn't mean it,
He's far to drunk to know,
He hits me hard for nothing,
And bruises always show.

A Christmas to remember,
The policemen had to call,
They took my Dad away this time,
He said I'd had a fall.

He's really done it this time,
An ambulance had to come,
That's why I'm sitting here in Casualty,
Waiting with me Mum.

~ Steve Woodman


  1. You're keen sensitivity to social justice issues is an absolute inspiriation dear Reverend,

    Much love, M

  2. Maithri: Thank you for your kind words, my dear friend. I feel humbled. Such a compliment coming from one as dedicated to justice & peace as you is a great compliment. Blessings to you for a grand holiday season.

  3. Such a simple poem, saying so much. I have known such children. Sadly.

  4. That poem was my childhood.

  5. Such a sad poem and tragically all too true. :(

  6. So sad and a timely reminder that Xmas is not a happy time for everyone, Nick.

  7. This made alligator tears roll down my cheeks. Shadows of the past more for my brother than me. Dad became a religous man after he was OLD and he never forgave himself but we children forgave him and I believe he made it to Heaven to see Mom. Peace

  8. My father drank too much. He did not hit anyone, but his drinking caused him to be absent from our family even when he was in the same room. His drinking also ended his life when he was much too young.

  9. Nick, this could have been written for me and my sister. It is very hard to read this and not cry.

    I like your new header photo. Alex and you look so festive in your photo.

    Thank you for being an advocate for so many worthy causes.

    Peace and love to you and Alex.

  10. always seems so more moving and poignant at christmas, yet it's a tragedy and travesty that is happening every single day of the year

    what is wrong with people??????

  11. The Viscount: Yes. When I worked child protective services, I encountered so many hurting children I began to be concerned that I would lose my compassion for for their pain as my anger grew toward the perpetrators. Thankfully, that never happened.

  12. Anonymous:I am sad and mad that you had such a childhood. Blessings, my friend.

  13. Akelamalu:Yes. It is so tragic that it is so true.

  14. Welshcakes Limoncello: You are so right, Pat. For some -- too many -- there is no joy in Christmas.

  15. Mike Golch : Yes: sad and sad. I wonder if the state of the economy is being reflected in an increase of child abuse and neglect.

  16. Lady Di Tn: I understand your tears. And I can identify with the trauma of you and your brother. I am an Adult Child of an Alcoholic.

  17. Gunny: Yes. You story sounds much like mine. There is much sadness there.

  18. Finding Pam : It seems that there are more than a few of us who can identify with the child in that poem. Yes, it was hard for me to read; yes, my eyes were more than moist.

    Thank you for your kind words about festive Alex and me in the header and about my advocacy. I find that I must speak out; silence is simply not an acceptable response to the pain in this world.

  19. Ann: Yes, the travail goes on every day for so many children and their families. I so wish that there were a simple way to bring it to an end.