Tuesday, December 08, 2009

2009 Seasonal Mishmash

My mother and I had a long telephone conversation this afternoon. She remembered that she was 17 years old when Pearl Harbor was attacked. Her "young adulthood" was taken up by World War II.

Memories of those days came back to her yesterday as she watched a television program that centered on many of the songs of that time. As music often does, the songs tapped many of Mom's memories, both happy and sad.

The video below is for my mother, even though she doesn't have a computer and probably will never see it.

The 3rd post to my newest blog, Nick's Pics, is up. This one is made up of photographs of me playing "cowboy" in my Uncle Frank's backyard.

Alex has a new post on his blog, Alexicon, with pictures of the furball and me watching what ALex calls pawz-ballz on TV:

Often pictures speak much louder than words. I believe that the work of editorial cartoonists may speak the loudest of all. Below are some that I have encountered that speak to me as they address this 2009 hoiliday season. For more editoral cartoons, my I suggest that your browse Daryl Cagle's site?


  1. Just love that song on the YouTube clip.

    A few years ago, friends of mine arranged a "This is your Life" type of celebration for the Mum's 80th birthday.

    One of the sons and his wife lives in The States and a "live link" was set up so that mother and son could speak. That very music started and, the son and wife, who do a lot of musical theatre, could be heard to sing "I'll be seeing you in all the old familiar places" With that the side door of the hall opened and in they walked singing this beautiful song.

    I'll never forget that! Mum had thought they were speaking/singing on the phone until they appeared....

  2. great cartoons !!!Happy holidays Nick the impressionist painter..sandy

  3. I love Billie Holiday, and really enjoyed listening to the song while I perused the rest of the post. Nice way to start the day. :)

  4. Good cartoons, Nick!

    And I like the photo of you as a young cowboy.

    Pawz-ballz... tell that Alex he IS a character!

  5. Very good, Rev Saint. I liked the Santa cartoons, even though most were less than comforting. I shall have a look at your new blog and the blog of mour 4 pawed friend.

  6. Great cartoons and I love the photo of you playing cowboy Nick. :)

  7. I like those cartoons.