Thursday, December 17, 2009

Thursday Stuff

It's the time of year to light candles:

Blogs that you may have missed:

Nick's Bytes A REAL Artist shares the wonderful paintings of San Merideth.

Alex tells the true story of how he almost died when  he was a very little kitten in Alexicon's I Sayz Lotz Boutz Kold

Nick's Pics has photographs of a surprise Sunday visit by his grandchildren in A Sunday Surprise.

Christmas stuff

The Christmas season is fully upon us and my caregiver finally has hepled me get my Christmas deocrations down from the top of the closet. Noe they sit in my spare bedroom with everthing else that I don't know where to store:

Before I can set up my Christmas tree, I must move this table from my library to the living room, which is something else that I can' do alone (although at one time I could):\

The only thing that I have taken from the Christmas boxes thus far is Alex's stocking:

Speaking of Alex, he has added something new to his catting around outside routine. As soon as he comes back inside the house, he leaps upn my desk where he now expects to find kitty cat treats waiting for him:

I really enjoy watching the furball eat!


  1. Alex has a great stocking - and he has you trained very well with those treats waiting for him when he comes back inside.

    Much peace & joy to you this season as we prepare for the return of the light.

  2. Blessings to you also, Saintly Nick. I'm off to visit your and Alex's other posts.

  3. I hope you have a very Happy Christmas and a Healthy and Happy New Year Nick. Reiki Blessings to you. x

  4. Wonder what Santa will put in Alex's stocking. That was nice to have the grandchildren visit. A good surprise. Maybe it is time to have a itty bitty tree that sits on the table thus it no longer needs to be moved. Peace