Saturday, February 06, 2010

Are You Ready for Some Football!?!

Alex and I are Superbowl ready! I have my pizza discount coupon by the phone and Alex has a bunch of kitty kat treats ready for snackin'. And I've done lots of Internet exploring in preparation for Superbowl XLIV:

The Game

The Half Time 

The Ads

Each year there are floks who care and know little or nothing about the Superbowl who watch it to see the commercial advertisements. If you really can't stand the game, you can catch the ads on the YouTube Ad Blitz on your computer:

The Ad Controversies 

Tebow Ad:

The Gay Dating Ad

While I was doing all of the above prep for watching tomorrow's Superbowl, Alex was preparing, too.

First, Alex made sure that he has plenty of his favorite kitty kat snacks:

Second, Alex made sure that he has had lots of naps so he can stay awake during the game:

We hope that YOU have a fun Superbowl!



  1. I know I'm a total philistine, Nick, but I haven't a clue about football as played in the USA, even though there is an Aussie or two playing the game there. I hope you and Alex enjoyed the afternoon and that your team won.

  2. I'm not really psyched about this game (neither team holds much interest for me), but that isn't stopping me. I'm getting together with a bunch of others who are equally unpsyched for a pot luck. Any excuse will do. Food + friends + football = FUN!!!

  3. Puss-in-Boots: I've watched Australian rules football on TV without the slightest idea of what's going on! However, the excitement of the game is contagious. It's rather like that with the Super Bowl: for many folks, it's the excitement and party atmosphere that are important.

  4. Lynilu: Good for you! It is the fun that counts. I wish that I could get out to a Super Bowl party or others would come in to my home. As it is, I plan to have lots of fun with Alex!

  5. I plan on enjoying the day I rally do not care who wins it the fun of watching the game for me.and the commericals are not that bad as well.

  6. Happy Super Bowl Sunday, Nick. We closed the gallery today. SBS has become a national holiday, no?

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  8. Now that's what I call a preview! And it didn't take me six hours to view. LOL!

    Go Colts!

  9. You and Alex enjoy the game Nick!
    Happy Superbowl Sunday to ya from VERY snowy N VA :)

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