Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Wednesday Mishmash & a Bawdy Song

So much has been happening so fast that I have a dozen posts mushing up my brain. To unmush my brain, I'm putting some mishmash here!

Mom's Birthday

My mother was 87-yesrs-old on March 1st. She is doing remarkably well. We talk at least once a day and I look forward to Spring when I hope to drive the 85 miles to visit her.


As I have previously written, I cannot sleep wearing my current CPAP mask. I obtained this one the last time I was hospitalized and never used it because I had a working mask. When that mask broke, I began using the full-face one from the hospital. There is something about coverning my nose and mouth that disturbs me. I do fall asleep, but within less than an hour I awaken in a panicked state and must immediately shed the mask. I gotta get that new mask!

Meals on Wheels

I'm also working on getting Meals on Wheels. My mother explained how easy it was for her to praticipate in the program in Elizabethtown, Kentucky. Here is Louisville the program is much larger. And, guess what I have again learned? The bigger the community means a bigger program with a larger bureacracy and (many) more hoops through one must jump.

Have I Shared this Photo?

Sometimes I brush Alex's coat while we cuddle; sometimes, as above, Alex combs my beard with his claws.

Coffee House

I enjoyed creating last Wednesday's Coffee House; however, putting together such a post is  is quite a jib. So there isn't a coffee house today. Perhaps there will be one next Wednesday.

In the meantime remember to check out the Song in My Mind Today on the sidebar...

and enjoy the song embedded below (WARNING: Bawdy Song):

Mandy Lane ~ Chad Mitchell Trio

And remember:

Mark Twain


  1. Great post Nick, happy belated birthday to your mother, mine will be 80 in juli. It is great gift to have them so we can feel like a child still. I'am lucky that my mum lives only a mile away, so yesterday she baked pancakes for my sister and me, we had a lot of fun + all three had a sugar overdose. Have a good day Elka

  2. Happy birthday to your Mom Nick and I wish you look getting meals on wheels. x

  3. I was in the mood for a bit o' bawdy this morning, but for some reason it won't play for me! I guess I'm not supposed to be in that place today. Perhaps I'm bawdy enough, since I read CPAP as "CRAP." Oh, dear. Guess I'd better get busy and work the orneriness out!

    Have a beautiful day, Nick!

  4. I hope your Mother had a lovely day.
    Nice to see you and Alex taking care of each other.
    Sorry to hear that meals on wheels is so hard to get for you. I don't mean to be rude but this country is no better at it than yours seems to be. What century is it again!!!!!
    I hope it gets sorted for you soon.

    Much love

  5. Everytime I see pictures of Alex he reminds me of my cat, Jessica. They are so loved and adore cuddles and lots of attention.

    Hope the new mask helps, I certainly wouldn't like to have to wear one over my nose and mouth, claustrophobia etc.

    CJ xx

  6. Happy Birthday to your mom. That's great that she is doing fine.
    Congratulations! :) The Bach

  7. A Belated Happy Birthday to your mom!

    I hope that you get a new CPAP mask and I also hope that it's not too hard to get Meals on Wheels to deliver to you.

  8. Happy belated birthday to your mother, Nick. She's like mine...still going strong. Good genes, huh? I hope I've inherited them...I've still got a lot I want to do yet before I shuffle off my mortal coil.

    Give Alex a hug for me.

  9. Thanks for making me laugh with the Monday jokes and Katz. Mom and Dad were on meals on wheels in their little community of Carthage, TN. and being a small community it was started as soon as they requested to be put on. Hope your Mom had a good day. Went back and read the stories of your grandparents. Great old photo and story. Peace