Saturday, April 10, 2010

New News from SSN's Cave

Cable TV

I do regret switching from satellite to cable TV. The folks with the cable company are friendly and, I believe, well meaning. However, I question their competence. Last week I had the 5th different cable dude (his name wasn't Larry) here for the 5th time in the past couple of months to repair an on-going problem that has existed ever since the cable company "upgraded" itself.

This dude couldn't repair it either" I am still accessing cable via my DVD player. However,. this cable guy added a new twist to the failed attempt to fix the problem. This dude suggested I buy a new TV.

I think I shall go back to satellite.

Google Out, Amazon In

Do you remember the period (not long ago) when I would end posts with graphics such as this one:

...that referred to the Google Adsense advertisements on my sidebar? After five plus years of posting those ads on my sidebar (not only of Nick's Bytes, but all my blogs), I finally earned enough last December to receive a paycheck from Google. I suppose enough readers responded and I thank each of you.

It took another two months for me to get enough clicks to earn another paycheck. However, before I was paid, Google canceled my Adsense account. Google wouldn't tell me why and rejected my appeal, but I suspect it was because too many of the same readers clicked on the ads.

I still can't make ends meet with my pension and social security totally $1700 a month (especially with rent and utilities averaging $1300.00 a month). I have been an Amazon Associate for years, but used it only to link to books, music, and films in my posts. The commission is only 4%, but I am desperate for income.

So now up and down on my sidebar you'll find links up and down Nick's Bytes sidebar in boxes that say My Favorites I Recommend:

If you decide to purchase on one my favorites, please click on the item to Amazon and I receive a 4% commission. Thanks! I really need the income.

My Father

My father, Robert Lawrence Temple, was born 90 years ago today. He died 26 years ago, when he was my age. I wish that we had spent more time together.

Alex's New Chair

The chair isn't new. It has been sitting in my living room for 15 or so years, where Alex paid absolutely no attention to it. Last week I had Osamy move it into my library so the he and I could play chess. Suddenly Alex noticed the chair and he has now claimed it as his own:


  1. Do you get the commission on everything we buy from Amazon, or just the recommended ones?

    I don't shop online as much as I used to, but whenever I do I would rather go through you and let you get the commission.

  2. PS - I noticed you have a Kindle on your Amazon Wish List. Did you know you can download the PC software for free? LINK

  3. I don't buy much online these days, but when I do, I'll go to Amazon via your site, Nick. I do click on your ads every time I think of it.

    I haven't had cable as I started with satellite. The problem I've had with the dish have been mostly small, and all have been related to weather. I love my satellite TV programming. When I was recently at my nephew's house, I watched cable, and I have to say I didn't like it nearly as well. Perhaps I just wasn't used to it.

    Alex really does love that chair, doesn't he?? Funny kitty!

    Have a good weekend, Nick!

  4. that sucks with google.. that is so wrong! I hope you have more success with amazon.

  5. OMG, Google wouldn't give you money? I shall click on the amazon ad! Alex is so cute as usual!

    Our cable people here at Comcast screwed up so much that they gave us a premium channel for 3 months. Unfortunately, there was only one t hing I wanted to watch on it, and I missed it.

  6. Thomas: Yes, the 4% commission is only anything purchased after connecting via Nick's Bytes. I'd really appreciate any commissions I receive.

    The Kindle is there because it is something I would really like to have, although I realize that I'll never afford one. I didn't know that I can download the PC software! Thanks, Thomas. I'll check it out.

  7. Lynilu : Thanks! As I wrote above, I'll really appreciate any commissions I receive.

    I had satellite until I got miffed at AT&T, switched to telephone and Internet connection (very fast) via cable. I was told I couldn't get those two services with also getting the TV connection. That isn't true, so I'm going back to satellite which I really like. As with you, the only problems I ever had with satellite was weather related, including my satellite dish icing up.

    I'm beginning to believe that Alex likes "his" chair almost as much as he like catting around outside

  8. Xmichra: It sucks for me because I seriously need the income and because Google will not inform me of the charges against me. The latter not only seems to me to be unjust but also rather Kafkaesque.

  9. That's right: Google refused to pay me for the last $100.00 of commission. Yes, Alex is very cute. The furball is also in the midst of his Spring shedding. At the moment I am wearing a black shirt covered with a lot of white Alex fur.

    I think there is a reason why Larry the Cable Guy has so much comedy material: Cable dudes regularly crew up. At least every one I have had come to my house has

  10. S E E Quine: That's right: Google refused to pay me for the last $100.00 of commission. Yes, Alex is very cute. The furball is also in the midst of his Spring shedding. At the moment I am wearing a black shirt covered with a lot of white Alex fur.

    I think there is a reason why Larry the Cable Guy has so much comedy material: Cable dudes regularly crew up. At least every one I have had come to my house has.

  11. Your cable dudes sound about as competent as Sky Italia! I do empathise over the making ends meet matter - story of my life. Alex does look comfy in that chair!

  12. We switched to satellite to save money and add BBC America. It's sooooo much better! Our dish was buried with snow for the first time this winter.
    The chair must be in its proper place at last. Alex is sensitive to the "feng shui" of his environment - or FANG shui! :-)
    ~ Victor & Nina's Mom

  13. Welshcakes Limoncello: Hmmm... could it be that cable dudes are like that everywhere?

    My ends and means seem to be getting further and further apart. Last month I owed my home-care company reimbursement for food. I had no money, so I contacted my (@#$!^%) bank. I was told that they couldn't give me a loan because I didn't want to borrow enough(?) money and referred me to a loan company that is a subsidiary of the bank that agreed to lend me the money at 37% interest. I agreed, but only because I was desperate.

    I think that Alex is having a love affair with that chair!

  14. Victor Tabbycat & Nina's Mom: You explain my situation exactly. When I switched from satellite to cable I lost access to BBC America and the History Channel International while paying more for the "service." I am definitely going back to satellite!

    You may be right about the chair and "FANG shui." (I like that!) Whatever it is about the chair's present location, Alex did no more than sharpen his claws on it's legs when the chair was in the living room. Now he almost lives in it.

  15. Happy birthday to your father, I'm sorry he's not around anymore. I'm sure you have some wonderful memories of him.

    I've been thinking lately about whether or not to start putting ads on my site, or doing paid posts.

  16. SilverNeurotic: Thank you. I really wish I had more memories of my father. He had a (large) series of strokes when he was in his 50s that hampered his speech. He also had his leg amputated below the knee due to diabetes. Much of my time with him for the last 10 years was as a care giver. I really would have liked to have heard the stories he could have shared about his life.

    If you discover any lucrative ads paid posts, please let me know. OK?

  17. I try not to shop online,I'm too paranoid that I'm gonna get ripped off by some one as what happened to my when I was with a certain(version) phone company I used my credit card to buy something and the LOW LIFE that helped me with my order thatn used my card number to purchase something.

  18. I do buy stuff online, Nick and I'll try and remember to go through you.

    As for Alex nicking your chair...isn't that just typical of a contrary cat?

  19. I like the idea of you linking to Amazon. Why not take the opportunity to put of lists of your favorite books, CDs, DVD's and such?