Friday, October 01, 2010


Here's some stuff that isn't really important, but I'm blogging it anyway.

Blog Visitors: I was aware that Nick's Bytes visitors count was approaching 200, 000 and had indented to do something blogwise to celebrate the 200,000th visitor. I missed it. At the moment the visitors count is up to 205.031. Thanks, folks, for dropping by!
Blog Posts: Likewise I missed celebrating my 1,500th blog post. This post makes the count 1,505.
Blog Award: Thanks, Mike G
.Cartoon:I encountered this cartoon and thought to myself, May it be so.

Face Book profile photo:This is my new profile photo that lots of people on Facebook seem to like:
International Visitors to Nick's Bytes: folks from 160 different countries have visited.

Cat video: Yesterday I encountered this amazing cat


  1. Nick, I really like the picture of you and Alex. It is very tender.

    And the cartoon. YESSSSSSSS!!!

    Have a nice weekend!

  2. Nick,I'm glad you liked the award,the cartoon is so and Alex is touching. Man Hug!

  3. Congratulations on your posts and vistors. I really appreciate your excellent blog.

  4. I like the photo, too!

    Congratulations on all of the "stuff"!

  5. Dat be a bery bery silly kat! OK? I hatez wassera! OK?

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