Monday, August 15, 2011

NICK'S GLEANINGS: An Excellent Post on Aging

Occasionally I read a post that is so worthwhile that I am driven to share it. I did that today. It's at Soul Seeds and is entitled Why We Should Embrace Our Age by Loretta Laroche. No matter what your age, I recommend you read it. If you are my age, I strongly recommend that your read it.

I gleaned a lot from Ms. Laroche's words, not the least of which is the learnings she has had as she has aged:

making each day feel like a new beginning
reinventing yourself on some level so that you don’t become your own “Groundhog Day”
spend time in community with others
become more involved in the pursuit of altruism
find the bless in the mess
laugh as often as possible
keep a positive outlook: “if you think the worst and get the worst, you suffer twice; if you think the best and get the worst, you only suffer once.”
I'll let you glean more as you read the article!


  1. That last point about a positive outlook resonates with me. I try to keep myself on a positive track for that very reason. Besides, I believe what we put out is largely what we get back.

  2. Yes, an excellent post. especially for people of out generation.

  3. Great message! Thank you for sharing that, Nick! :)

  4. headding over to check out the blog. By The way the green is hard for me to see.