Wednesday, January 04, 2012

My Life in 2011 thru Photos, PART II

This is part II of three parts of My Life in 2011 thru Photos. Part I is located HERE.


July: Anne's presence had me feeling much less lonely than I had felt in years.

July: Alex remains his same miscellaneous self.

July: I really enjoy napping with Alex.

July: I also really enjoy Anne's smile/

July: Anne's guitar.

July: Anne and her dear kitten, Cain.

July: Cain and Alex were not buddies.

July: Alex began retreating to his "castle" to avoid Cain.

August: Anne and her beloved, Cain.

August: I attempted to bring Alex and Cain together over a pile of catnip; it didn't work.

August: Dinner time.

August: Alex, UP CLOSE!

August: Anne and Cain began the move to the house they are to share with Anne's sister, Tina. Most of Anne's stuff was in her old apartment.

August: Alex came out from his "castle" after Cain departed.

August: Two seekers.

August: Two sleepers.

August: While Anne and I were moving the final load of her things from her apartment to Tina's house where she planned to live, the house caught on fire. All of Anne's belongings except those in my car were destroyed:

August: Anne's beloved kitten, Cain, died in the fire. Tina's dogs were rescued by neighbors; Tina's cat, Sugar, was missing. Sugar's two newborn kittens died in the fire.

September: Tina's kitten, Sugar, was located wandering near the burned out house; Tina gave Sugar ti Anne who has since given Sugar to me.

September: In the beginning, Alex and Sugar were uncertain about one another and kept their distance from each other.

September: Sugar spent much of her time close to Anne, who temporarily moved into my apartment with what remained of her belongings.

September: Sugar began spending time staring at Alex, almost as if her were her big brother.

September 15th: Anne met with her sisters, Angie and Tina, in Middletown.

September 15th: I was there, too.

September: Alex is still blogging, but not as much as he once did.

September 18th: Tina visited my apartment with her dog, Kilo.

September 18th: Anne and Tina.

This is the end of Part II. I shall publish the final part with photos from October thru December, 2011, next week.


  1. It's fun to take a tour of your life in 2011, Nick. Your year was quite adventuresome. May all good things come to you in abundance now and always.

  2. What a great series of photo's Nick. The pictures of Cain still bring tears to my eyes. The Owen Girls are lovely. You and Alex are a great pair of friends!

  3. Thank you, SSN. I love looking at your photographs.

  4. I liked the pic. I am so sorry that Anne lost her kitten in the fire.

  5. Carol: Thank you for your words, dear friend. 2011 was a very good year for me. Well, everything other than the death of kitten Cain. May 2012 be an excellent year for both of us.

  6. Elka: Thank you for your words, dear friend. Remembering Cain brought tears to my eyes, too. I am so thankful that Tina introduced me to Anne, who has been a God-send to me.

  7. Abby: Thank you, old friend. You are one of the first to make comments on Nick's Bytes and I always have appreciated your word..

  8. Maddie: Thank you for your comment, my new friend. Yes, the fire was terrible for Anne, especially the death of baby Cain.

  9. Great photos and story. Hope 2012 is a better year for you all (including the kitties)

  10. Wonderful pictures, Saint Nick!

  11. Grand photographs, SSN! Thank you, sir.

  12. NNice photographs but I came looking ffor your Monday jokes.