Saturday, February 18, 2012

Way Back Then...

These songs are all from my parents' generation. The were popular before I was born. However, as my parents' played the records and sang the songs, I learned them and came to love them:

Casablanca is one of my all time favorite films. When I first saw it and heard this song, I realized that I already knew it u heart.

When I heard Barbra Streisand sing this is the film Funny Girl, I was amazed that I already knoew the song from listening to a recording by Billy Holiday.

This WWII song was a favorite of my dad. He once told me that he and his buddies fighting in Italy often sang it.

My dad was in the Army, so I learned the "Army Song" very early in life.

I really had a hard time learning this one.!

My Uncle Frankie Joe was often heard singing or whistling this song,

Creating this post was fun! I'll have to do another like this soon.


  1. SSN,these tunes were some of my parents favs as well.

  2. Mike, our parents were part of a really grand generation!

  3. Nick, I loved these songs from my parents generation, even some from my grandparent's time.

    My kids love the music from our generation.

  4. Me, too, Pam. Lots of the 'old songs' I find to be more meaningful to me than most contemporary ones.

  5. i really love this music. im checking out yr other music poosts

  6. I knew all the songs from my parents' generation as well, and my husband and I fell in love with Billie Holiday's songs on our own (our parents didn't have much of her repertoire among their records). And Casablanca is our very favorite movie - we've probably seen it more than 20 times! "As Time Goes By" was our wedding song. :-) Thanks for posting these!

  7. I really love the music from my parents' generation as well. And I got into Billie Holiday after seeing The Lady Sings the Blues. I went and bought a Billie Holiday album rather than the soundtrack to the movie, which of course was sung by Diana Ross. Casablanca is my husband's and my favorite movie (we've probably seen it more than 20 times) and "As Time Goes By" was our wedding song!