Saturday, July 20, 2013


I have been putting so much news about the Kitty Kids and me in my Daily Journal posts that I gave neglected sharing with my Nick's Bytes readers, who outnumber the Journal readers 10 to 1.

So, with camera in hand, today I have stumbled around snapping photos that I now share here:

I do not know why, when I open treats for one kitty kid, the other two magically appear.

Little Girl and one of her helpings of treats today.

Sugar eats more threats than either of the other two kitty kids.

Alex by my desk waiting for... something.

Give me this day my daily meds.

Someone again attacked a roll of paper towels.

The kittens were out of the nest in the closet several times today.

They were so cute I decided to sit in the bedroom and watch their play.

This cutie always looks up at me, but when I reach down to pick him/her up, the kitten runs away.

There are more kittens behind and under the dresser.

I have no idea what this little one found.

My shoes became kitten toys.

My nose-hose (oxygen tubing) also became a toy.

This one decided to hassle mommy.

Little Girls response was to get the kitten on its back and lick it.

The LG and the kitten played with one of my shoes.

There are meowing kittens beneath the dresser and Sugar is looking at them.

Sugar pulls one kitten from behind the dresser. Note the small kitten face at the bottom right of the dresser.

Kitten (bottom, left) observes (stalks?) sibling at top before running and pouncing. 

Moments before "the pounce."

Both kittens attack the belt of a robe.

I heard Tavis Smiley say this on NPR this afternoon and immediately created this graphic.

I hope you have enjoyed these photos. For information more information of me, including my health, please read Sometimes Saintly Nick's Daily Journal.

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