Tuesday, February 25, 2014

REDUX: Three Funny Women (I love): Kathy, Chelsea, and Sarah

The Natural Girl for Me ~ Chad Mitchell Trio

I have fallen in love with three women -- three very funny women. Chelsea Handler, Sarah Silverman, and Kathy Griffin bring me smiles and laughs and, quite often, something to ponder as they break taboos and address topics that I am certain my mother would consider "nasty" or forbidden, be the subject sex or religion or racism. And that is why I have fallen in love with all three over the past couple of years.

Besides being intelligent and funny, I find it very pleasant to look at and dream about them. Ah...if only...

Anyways, I want to introduce them to you. I hope you have already met Chelsea, Kathy, and Sarah; I hope that they have brought you as many smiles as they have brought me. If not, well, allow me to give you just a very small taste of them. [Please note: none of these women speak Victorian English. None is pudish. However, your ears will not burn from the 3 clips below which contain bleeps).

Sarah Silverman

I first heard the name Sarah Silverman in connection with her dating TV talk show host, Jimmy Kimmel. The first time I saw her, I wasn't much impressed. That ended when I started to pay attention to her words and the nature of her comedy Sarah comedy takes on just about every taboo and "no-no" subject from racism and sexism to religion and prejudice. And, she does it well, sort of like a female Lenny Bruce. I love Sarah!

Kathy Griffin

When I first encountered Kathy Griffin, I did what many seem to do: I confused her with Kathy Griffith. Believe me, Ms. Griffin ain't anything like Ms. Griffith. Kathy Griffin tells stories and those stories often are, well, irreverent. She spoofs just about everyone, from Paula Abdul to her own mother. She is lively and she is very, very funny. I thank the day I encountered her!

Chelsea Handler

Chelsea Handler is the the latest funny woman I encountered. I was flipping my remote 4 clicks down from the Comedy channel to the History channel when I encountered the Chelsea Lately Show. It was the laughter that had me pause in my clicking and within the next couple of minutes I was hooked! I had never encountered Chelsea Handler and for a few minutes I thought her name might be Chelsea Lately. I've been clicking the remote to her show since that first experience and have not been disappointed.

In the clip from the Chelsae Lately Show below, you meet not only Chelsae but her, uh, side-kick, Chuy.

Sarah Silverman's Demented Humor

Kathy Griffin: on Catholics

Chelsea Handler: Chelsea Lately Show

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