Sunday, June 15, 2014

Happy Birthday to Midnight and her Sisters

Today Midnight and her sisters are one-year-old. We are celebrating by sharing some photos of when all three girls in the litter and were young kittens and living and playing together. I admit that, as I selected these photos, tears rolled down my cheeks. The  four months Midnight, Gold, and Twilight were around were some of the happiest in my life. I really miss them, and their mom, LG (Little Girl).

Below are the photos I selected to share on this, the kittens' first birthday.

Midnight was the last of the three kittens to be born. Alex and I were both present for her birth.


Little Girl built the nest for the kittens at the back of our walk-in closet.

Sugar was a great "aunt," helping LG care for the kittens.

When the kittens left the closet and began exploring, LG kept a tight rein on them.

The kittens continued to nap and have their meals in the closet.

The kittens began spending more and more time out of the closet and began sampling kitten food and drinking water.

Their next activity was exploring the entire apartment. They found a spot next to my desk that they decided to use as their home base.

The kittens were weaned and began napping on the back of a chair. This is the last photo of Little Girl before she disappeared.

This is the final photo I took of Twilight, Gold, and Midnight before Gold and Twilight were adopted.

Then, Midnight was the only kitten remaining 

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  1. Nick, these are some adorable kittens. I like the last one where they are all sleeping on the back of your chair. I hope all is well with you.

  2. Thank you, Pam. Watching these little ones grow was one of the most wonderful experiences in my life. Saying good-bye to Gold and Twilight was one of the most heart wrenching. After their mom disappeared, the kittens began sleeping together on the back of that rocker. Midnight still does sleep there at times.

    The kitty kids and I are surviving one day at a time. What keeps me going is the faith/hope that tomorrow will be better than today.