Tuesday, August 12, 2014

I Wish I Were Multilingual

  1. in or using several languages.

Et III annos memini Latineque Existimabam admodum aliquantulus.

I studied Latin for 3 years and can remember quite a bit.

درست اللغة العربية في جامعة ويمكن بالكاد تذكر أي شيء ما عدا القليل من القواعد

I studied Arabic in University and can hardly remember anything except a little grammar. 

J'ai étudié le français à l'université aussi, et peut-être pourrais commander dans un restaurant français ou peut-être pas.

I studied French at University also and could maybe order at a French restaurant or maybe not.

Ich Deutsch studierte an der United States Defense Intelligence School in Washington, DC, und kann immer noch auf einem einfachen Gespräch zu führen.

I studied German at the United States Defense Intelligence School in Washington, D.C., and can still carry on a simple conversation.

.למדתי עברית בסמינר ועדיין יכול לקרוא קצת את התנ"ך

I studied Hebrew in seminary and can still read a bit of the Bible.

Σπούδασα στην ελληνική σχολή και μπορεί ακόμα να διαβάσετε ένα κομμάτι της Αγίας Γραφής.

I studied Greek in Seminary and can still read a bit of the Bible.

Estoy estudiando español ahora y avanzando muy lento.

I am studying Spanish now and making very slow progress.

I wish I could speak to every human being in the world in his or her own language and share with them 
the good news of love, justice, and peace.


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