Thursday, September 24, 2015

Mishmash: Kitty Kids

It has been a very long time since I have posted any mishmash. Actually, I have not publish much since the fall on April 12th and my return from hospital and rehab in early June. I shall begin with the Kitty Kids. So, here is some Kitty Kid `mishmash.

 If you have not been following me on Facebook then you probably do not know that little white Sugar has disappeared from our home. I am sure that she escaped outside when some of the very kind people came to my apartment to feed the cats and clean out there litter box. I have not seen anything of her since I returned home. I hope that she is either found a good human to adopt or is using her vast street smarts to survive. I miss Sugar.

My buddy, Alex, will be 12-years- old in December. He plays a bit with Midnight, but really doesn’t like to be hassled by her. He does sleep quite a bit—perhaps more than when he was younger. (Of course, I do, too). He has been keeping close watch on me ever since I was gone all that time in hospital and rehabilitation. He often sleeps on the floor on top of my oxygen tubing, so that if I move, he knows it. If I’m napping in my lift chair, Alex is generally napping between my legs. At night, is usually sleeps on my left side and arranges his body so that he can use my forearm or hand as a pillow. I deeply love Alex.


Midnight is all kitten—a quite large kitten. She is bigger than Alex and has been known to hassle the older cats when she wants to play and they do not. As a kitten often does, she investigates everything—pawing, smelling, and tasting stuff. Midnight has developed several routines. If I have napping in my chair with Alex sleeping between my legs, she climbs up on my chest and stomach and kneads me with her paws; then she turns around several times and curls up upon me. Of course, she never lasts long in one position and is soon turning around, often sticking her rear end into my face, before curling down in another position. At night, with Alex sleeping on my left side, she repeats the routine, unless she decides to annoy Alex.  I have come to deeply love this kitten, whose birth I witnessed.


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