Saturday, September 30, 2006

Assorted Thoughts


Check out Appu’s new blog, Fundays, and enjoy the humor.


I’ve been at Kat’s music blog, Keep the Coffee Coming, all morning enjoying the music. The latest offerings are city songs: I'll Take Manhattan, Streets of London, Chicago (My Kind of Town), and Nashville Cats.

Speaking of Cats

Alex, the cat who owns me, is driving me up a wall. The past few days he has been alternating between demanding to play outside and wanting me to hold him. Yesterday it was “Let me out” followed by “Let me in.” This morning it was “Hold me and rub your finger under my chin while I purr.” He is reminding me of my sometimes friend, Clair a.k.a. Candy (who I’ve not heard from since before Easter)—so much so that I have inadvertently called him by her name.

In My Thoughts & Prayers Today:




Lynn the Braveheart



Folks in Bailey, Colorado

Folks in Cazenovia, Wisconsin

and a whole bunch more.


  1. Oh, Nick. Thank you so much for that :)

  2. Thank you for the link to Fundays. I had some really needed laughs. The same thanks for Kat’s music blog. I really enjoyed Sinatra singing Chicago and found a great rendition of Mr. Bojangles.

    I can understand how you would confuse Clair/Candy with your cat! I don’t know you cat except by what you have written, but I do know her and she does behave like Alex.