Friday, November 24, 2006

Friday Mishmash

Alex the Sphinx

Thanksgiving Day Alex was less interested in eating turkey than he was in harassing me—except when I watched Dallas maul Tampa Bay on TV. During the game, Alex parked himself across the room from me and pretended to be the Sphinx—except when he followed me each time I went into the kitchen during breaks in the game and, later, when he decided to abandon his Sphinx characterization and bounded onto my chest, where he curled up and watched at least some of the game.

What is Xanthone?

I keep getting emails about Xanthone and, except for what I read in Wikipedia and a medical article, I have no idea what they’re talking about.

Iraqi Civil War?

As of the writing of this post, the toll of the five car bombs and mortar shells fire into Baghdad's Shiite district yesterday was 161 people dead and 257 wounded. The talking heads on yesterday’s TV news suggested that the responsible parties for this massacre are Sunnis and that, within a few days, Shiites will retaliate by murdering an equal or greater number of Sunnis. An eye for an eye; tit for tat; death for death.

Back in February I wrote about projections of a civil war in Iraq. For the most part, “those in the know” rejected the suggestion—and many still do. However, with the death toll of Sunnis murdering Shiites and Shiites murdering Sunnis now exceeding a hundred a day, what else does one call this except a civil war?

Misconceptions about Islam

Professor Faisal Rifai has written an informative article entitled Correct Misconceptions about Islam. In it, he points out, among other things, the close relationship that Islam has with Judaism and Christianity. He also challenges the view of Evangelical Christians who claim to have an exclusive God for Christians. Reading this short article is well worth your time.

The Wood Songs Old Time Radio Hour

If you have never listened to or watched the Wood Songs Old Time Radio Hour, which originates in Lexington, Kentucky, and is broadcast on Public TV and Webcasts, you may want to consider tuning in. It, along with Prairie Home Companion, are two programs that I try not to miss. The advance for the November 27th Wood Songs broadcast reads:

MICHAEL MARTIN MURPHEY had one of the biggest pop hits of the 70's called Wildfire. He then became a major hit maker on country radio with songs like "A Long Line of Love" and others. In 1983 he was voted as the CMA Best Male Vocalist of the Year. Today, Michael is one of the premier cowboy/western artists in North America and tours the world with a vast array of songs that include his hits plus the songs of the old west. He comes to WoodSongs for a Special Event that would be great for the entire family.

If I could afford $10.00 for the ticket and gasoline for a 160 mile round trip, I would love to go to Lexington and sit in the audience of this performance.


  1. Xanthone is the latest health food craze. It's supposed to do everything- instant energy, increase weight loss, even cure cancer. It's the best thing since laetrile!

    I think Iraq can be compared more to the gangster turf wars America had in the 1930's than to a civil war. Nobody necessarily wants to be in charge of everything, they just each want to be in charge of their own little section. I expect Bush will "stay the course" for two more years, then let the inevitable failure happen on someone else's watch.

  2. I tried to get in here yesterday and wish you a Happy Thanksgiving. Sorry I'm a day late. Kiss your Sphinx for me. :)

    Would the copy guy call him the Sphinxter?

  3. I'm glad you and Alex had a happy Thanksgiving.

  4. I hope you had a wonderful day and an enjoyable weekend!! The best to you and yours!!

  5. I recently discovered Wood Songs on PBS. Great show. Thanks for the link.

  6. ur kitty is soooooooooooooooooooooo cute