Wednesday, June 13, 2007

A New House for Mom

The happiest moments of my life have been the few which I have passed at home in the bosom of my family. ~ Thomas Jefferson

Those who have been reading Nick’s Bytes for a while may remember that last December my mother went to the emergency room after sliding out of her chair. From there she went into two different rehabilitation centers, the first here in Louisville and the second near my sister’s home in Elizabethtown, Kentucky. She remained in that rehab center until last Monday, when she moved into her new home in Elizabethtown.

Due to the distance (and the heat, which is overbearing for me, especially since the air conditioning in my car is broken), I’ve not yet visited Mom in her new home. I have spoken with her via telephone. Her house is half of a duplex and is “handicapped-friendly” for those who have mobility problems.

Still, she misses the home she owned in Louisville and in which she lived for almost fifty-one years, where the memories of her husband and children still reside.


  1. I've always envied people who kept the same home all their lives.

    My family moved all the time when I was growing up. I think the longest I ever spent in one school was two years.

  2. Changes are tough for the older ones among us - which I am fastly becoming. Hope she is able to adapt. ec

  3. I hope your mom will be happy there, Nick. I'm sure she will be glad to see you when the heat lets up. It can be quite oppressive!! I'm glad you are taking care of yourself by trying to stay out of it.

  4. I'm sure your mom feels better in a home of her own than in the hospital or rehab center.

  5. I feel for your mom longing for her old's very understandable. I'm a bit like your first commenter... the longest we stayed on one house was two years, often a lot less, during my childhood. I have often wondered what it would be like to have grown up in one place. Thankfully, my grandchildren know that security.

    I hope your mom eventually feels at home in her new facility, but...why do they keep moving her? Sounds a bit strange to me. Surely, the peace of mind of the residents is paramount and moving them constantly won't bring that.

    Take care, Nick, and I'm sure you'll be able to go and visit your mom as soon as you get a cooler break in the weather.

    Hugs to you and Alex.

  6. Home is where the heart is... she will always have her memories. Maybe the whole family could get together for a housewarming... that way she can create new memories.


  7. Aw. I bet she does miss it. But at least she has her own place again and she's doing well. Hopefully she'll build some new memories and just keep getting stronger.

    I can't give ya much of a speech right now on the benefits of change cuz considering the crap I'm going thru lately....I'm no fan of it myself. LOL!

    But I used to believe it was always an opportunity to grow and have new adventures. (did that sound convincing? Hope so.)

  8. I am so glad that your mother was finally able to come "home". Even though it's not the old house, it's nice that she is able to once again have the relative privacy and independence of living on her own.

  9. I second Silver's comment! Also, it's good that your mom is now feeling better, safe and close to your sister. Hopefully, she has a spare guest room so you can have a nice long visit when you do get there.

    Have you checked with your state and local agencies to see if they can help you get your a/c in your home repaired? If you have a disability and/or breathing problems, there should be resources available to help with that...they don't like coming off with it, but it's there.

    Good luck...I'll pray for rain, cooler temps and good days and nights!

  10. Good luck to your mom. Change is hard for much harder for those that had to leave a place that held so dear of memories.

  11. Its always hard to leave a place where you have been settled and happy. But it can be hard for older folks to adapt to change.

    Give her a big hug for me when you see her next. I hope she does well in her new environment.

  12. I'm sorry your mother wasn't able to stay in her house. Thank goodness she can, at least, get out of the nursing home and into a home of her own.