Friday, August 03, 2007

Friday Hodgepodge

Here’s another Friday when I think about all of the blogs I would have written the past week if I had gotten around to doing so. Below is hodgepodge in which I at least mention those never written or published blog ideas.

What about Them Russkies!

I’m amazed than no one in our oil-tycoon Republican administration thought of it. But the Russians did and beat the U.S. (and everyone else) to the punch by having one of its submarines plant a flag under the North Pole to signify Russia’s claim to the oil-rich Arctic. By “oil-rich” I understand that beneath the Artic Sea lies the greatest concentration of oil on earth, containing billions of barrels of oil worth trillions of dollars.

Of course, the rest of the world has primarily ignored that Russian flag beneath the North Pole because the treaties in effect make the Russians glorious claim but a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.

Weird Alex

Napping inside his cat carrier is the same cat that I must literally capture and, at great peril to my body from flying claws, stuff into the same carrier whenever he visits the vet:

The Wellbeing Stealers: Heat & Pollution

With no response from the Veterans Administration regarding this strange malady that has me down, I finally contacted the physician I have seen for more than thirty years and paid for an appointment. I should have suspected his diagnosis because the same culprits have previously made me ill: heat and air pollution. They steal my breath and energy and even induce nausea and headaches. The doc’s prescription: stay indoors, drink lots of water, and take acetaminophen and Maalox.

As I write this, the temperature in Louisville is “94 degrees and rising” and there is a pollution warning stating that folks with breathing problems need to remain indoors. I am following the doc’s Rx and the warnings. Alex, however, is outside in the shade of the front porch rolling around on the cool concrete.

Fear of Crossing Bridges

I am really surprised how many of the commenters on my post about Cathy’s birth story have some level of concern about driving across bridges. Thus, I do not feel unaccompanied when I admit my own bridge anxiety.

It consists of only one bridge that is located on Interstate 64 near the Kentucky capitol, Frankfort. This bridge seems very long (to me, at least) as it spans a valley perhaps 300 or more feet below. Each time I have driven across it over the past forty or so years, I have had the desire, like Cathy’s mom, to close my eyes. Since I can’t and also drive, I keep my eyes caged on the road ahead and get across the damned thing as quickly as I can.

Breaking News!

Tune in to and view the Skycam™ video of this morning’s expressway pileup of 8 cars.

And I ask myself, “Why would I?”

Did YOU, too, Watch the You-tube Debates on TV?


  1. My cat does the same thing. She hated her carrier and you had to wear kevlar to get her into it. Then one day I couldn't find her. I looked all over and finally found her in the basement in the cat carrier. Now she goes in there all the time. Cats are just bizarre sometimes.

    Hugs and stay well,

  2. I was not, and still not afraid of bridges...however, I am scared to physically drive over them myself. I refuse to drive into Philadelphia for this reason...even though I have a desperate want to visit my cousin and her son there.

    Of course, there is the train. I COULD take the train.

    Perhaps I have issues with my cousin, and not the bridge. LOL!

  3. Isn't your can't sleeping in a strange position? I have never seen an animal sleep like that.

  4. Hey, don’t knock them, Rev Saint. That under the sea flag at the North Pole is the first time the Russians have been victorious at anything since before their Afghanistan fiasco.

    I have told you time and time again to leave that steaming Ohio River Valley and come join me in the dry heat of the Arizona desert!

  5. Hi Nick ~~ I hope you are feeling better by now, although if it's mainly the weather that's a problem.
    I so enjoyed Cathy's birth story -
    such a fear must be dreadful. I used to drive and was always glad to get over bridges, but no real fear. The collapse in Minneapolis was awful and my thoughts and prayers are with all those involved in it. Take great care Nick and wait until you feel better to visit our blogs. Regards, Merle.

  6. Alex is a funny cat ... that looks live a very comfy position he is in there !!
    Take care, Meow

  7. If the Russian claim stands, the seabed is going to be littered with little flag capsules. (I might even toss my own flag into the cow ponds next door, just in case!)

  8. well thankfully i'm not afraid of bridges...infact i love them and the way they stand, helping us go from one point to another..cathy's story was amazing!

  9. Cathy’s story is matchless. Since she was born on a bridge I assume she has no fear of bridges.

  10. "when I think about all of the blogs I would have written the past week if I had gotten around to doing so"

    Oh, I hear ya!! - and I have so many ideas for posts and just not the TIME to do it all, lol

    Great hodgepodge of stuff all in this one post!
    ... and cute pic of the kitty. =)

  11. I was listening to someone being interviewed, both a person who was formally afraid of crossing bridges and someone that works to alleviate their fear. The person was asked if the bridge collapse made things worse and he said no. He fear was not that the bridge would collapse but more that he might do something when crossing it like drive off it. I hear that.

    I am amazed that animals can be like that. GET IN THAT CARRIER ... no way... then later Oh lookie here, something fun and safe to sleep in. Amazing.

    Somehow that picture reminds me of our cat that we had that used to sleep in paper bags. We made them into her safe house. When she was in there no one could touch her.

  12. I hope the weather changes soon and you have some relief from that malady soon.

    Alex isn’t “weird”—he’s just inscrutable (like me).

  13. Nick, cats are contrary creatures, no two ways about it! However, as a cat owner, you get to almost second guess them...note I said, almost.

    Love the cartoon...heheh!

    Hope the heat eases for you soon, it can't be any fun for you at all.

    Take care.

  14. Hi again Nick ~~ Glad you liked my Heron well enough to print and frame it. Mine hangs on the wall in my living room about my gas heater.
    Take care my friend, hope you are feeling OK. Take care, Cheers, Merle.

  15. I love that shot of Alex in his carrier...'specially with his front legs sprawled over his head that way.

    My Aleks is a bit boring in that department.