Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Photographs, Alex and Me

This is sort of an update of what’s been happening at my house:

Pet Photo Contest

Again I thank all of you who provided me with input regarding the best photograph of Alex to submit to the pet photo contest. I reviewed and calculated all of your suggestions and Sunday night emailed the photograph labeled Alex F to the contest. That’s the same photo of Alex that’s on my sidebar.

This contest is a local on, sponsored by one of the newspapers. However, during the process of selecting a photo, I discovered there are numerous pet photographs on the Internet. With such a variety of Alex photos available to me, I plan to enter more contests. I’ll share with you the results.

Mystery of the Old Photograph Solved!

My Uncle John responded to my email requesting the identity of the couple in the turn-of-the-century wedding photograph that I found in house. As I suspected, it is my maternal grandparents, Anna and Adam Hertle. More on their unique story, at least what I know of it, in a future post.

Strange Malady

As I shared earlier, I have been suffering from an unknown malady since Friday. I don’t know what to call it. It evinces itself by my being extremely tired, as if I am exhausted, whenever I am out of bed and not connected to my CPAP and oxygen compressor. The result is that I am up for no more than two to three hours before I must return to the oxygen. Even the various aerosols I have been prescribed do not help me. Saturday I came close to telephoning EMS because of my breathing difficulties. I didn’t and after a few hours under the oxygen, I could breathe better.

I have attempted to make an appointment with my VA primary physician; however, she is on maternity leave until September. I’ve had no response yet to my request a couple of weeks ago to be seen by another VA physician.

I apologize for not getting around and reading blogs as I normally have done. Perhaps in the near future I’ll be able to be up and about enough to do so.


  1. Sorry about your breathing ailments, hopefully it is just a temporary problem. Hope you are better soon. ec

  2. By the time they get you in your are going to be all healed. VA is sounding worse and worse all the time.

    Hope you feel better soon.

  3. I hope you are well soon, Nick.

  4. So you don’t need to turn that old photograph over to the history detectives.Good!

    Now, forget about every thing else and get yourself healed!

  5. Nick, that doesn't sound very good at all. I hope the VA comes to your aid really quickly...that's what they're there for, to help Vets.

    It seems a bit strange that they haven't got a physician to locum for yours...after all it must have been pretty obvious she would have been going leave! However, that's bureaucracy for you...cold comfort, I know.

    I hope it sorts itself out and you get well soon. What an awful year you've...what is known as an annus horriblus...don't forget the second "n" in annus...smirk.

    Take care, Nick, and give Alex a headbutt from me.

  6. I hope you feel better soon. Please don't let it go too long.

    (Cat pic is beautiful....)

  7. I hope you're feeling better. I am glad you found out about the photo mystery!

  8. Good choice of photo for the pet contest.

    I'm glad the wedding photo is identified.

    Hope you are "up and about" soon!

  9. Feel better soon, Nick!

    Will be away for a bit - will catch up with you & Alex A-Z when I get back:)

  10. Get well soon, Nick. There are a lot of flu and cold bugs going around right now. I hope yours is over soon.

    Great choice on the Alex pic. He's such a cutie.


  11. I hope you get to feeling better soon. The blogosphere just isn't the same without you!

  12. Oh wow, I hope you are feeling better now .. must be frightening to feel like that.
    Glad you chose Alex photo F ... it is a beautiful photo, and I'd be surprised if it doesn't win.
    Take care of yourself.
    Hugs, Meow