Wednesday, September 26, 2007


The best laid plans of mice and men and all that shit.

~ Anonymous

By now those of you who are regular readers of Nick’s Bytes are most probably sick of all of the reminders and urgings about September 27th when bloggers are asked to post something about stopping (all kinds/any kind) of abuse. So today I am neither urging you to join in the crusade nor am I posting any of the logos regarding the event. My Thursday's post is complete, except for the final read-through (during which I most probably will miss noting and correcting mistakes). The logo is soon to be retired. And I shall move on to another quixotic whatever.

If by any chance you are a first time reader of this blog and have no idea to what in the disloyal gonads of Judas Iscariot I refer, you may click HERE to find out.

For me Thursday is important beyond the blogging event. Do you remember back in early August when I told you about dummy me falling through my deck steps and injuring my legs and other pasts of my body? And, again, on September 1st, when I admitted that my left leg had not healed and I had gone to the emergency room because it remained extremely swollen and painful?

Well, my itinerary tells that my long awaited appointment with the Veterans Administration orthopedic clinic to deal with my unhealed leg is early tomorrow morning. Therefore, I shall being posting my September 27th blog very early in the morning and departing for the clinic possibly before even Alex awakens. (Maybe not: when it gets close to breakfast time, I think Alex sleeps either with one eye open or his ears on some kind of radar setting that awakens him as soon as I get out of bed so that he can demand his breakfast).

What I am saying is that other than examining my cracked heel and chipped knee that the ER has already identified, I have no idea what will happen at the clinic or when I shall return. Therefore, if I don not post of September 28th or even later, do not be concerned. I shall post again as soon as I return home—and, as Doug MacArthur said to his troops who felt that he deserted them in the Philippines (which he did), I shall return!

I had considered leaving my notebook computer open and on my desk so that the cat who owns me could continue writing his blog. However, to be perfectly honest, no matter how much I love Alex, I have not trusted him one iota to have complete control of the house since the time in 2005 when I went on a trip to Pennsylvania and returned to find that Alex had invited some of his cat buddies into the house to party while I was gone. Therefore I shall remove my computer to a safe place away from Alex’s typing paws!


  1. Santa, dude, take good care of yourself. I hope it's not cellulitis and I wouldn't be surprised if "they" can't get a handle on the situation. Sometimes these kind of thangs are elusive demons. Translation: imaging doesn't necessary yield answers.

    Okay, that said, I hope it *is* cellulitis. At least it's a known variable and can be easier treated.

    Godspeed, travelin' mercies, see you soon.


  2. PS...I so appreciate the perspective you bring to bear at "my place".

    Very nice. Very wonderful.

    Light, love and healing to you.


  3. Hi Nick Glad your Home Care lady did your shopping for you. I am surprised that it is still so hot and humid
    over there - it should soon cool down. The Rocky Road ice cream sounds yummy. Take care, Kind regards, Merle.

  4. Get well soon, ok? And as for abuse- I am very against it.
    Look forward to reading your post!

  5. Nick, you make me laugh so hard! That Alex is such a rascal!
    Yes I shall be posting about abuse, right along with you!
    Ouch, that leg looks painful!
    Bless you and may they get it fixed up for you!

  6. Ouch! Hope they get you fixed right this time and I hope it goes quickly.

    However, I think you're being unfair to Alex. You should leave the laptop out so he can post. After all he does have blogging responsibilities now.

    Ok, Alex...where's my 5 bucks?

  7. Thanks for the reminder about tomorrow, Nick...

    Hope it's all good news at the doctor's too, & that you're home soon!

  8. don't spend the night. their food is awful.

    and the night nurses are ugly.


  9. I hope the VA fixes your leg. I hope Alex does not fix your computer. If I were a blogger I would write against abuse tomorrow. As it is I will read about and see if I can find ways to help stop it.

  10. Good luck with tomorrow. I hope you are all back like new in no time. Well at least doing better. You know that Alex expects even more of you then you have been delivering lately.

    No Alex and blogging while you are gone. Poor Alex. All the felines are going to miss him.

  11. Hope all comes out well tomorrow and they find out what the malfunction happens to be. ec

  12. Hope all went well at the clinic and that your leg is healing.

    Love the pic of the cat typing btw

  13. Jeez Nick. I just took some time away and I get back to this? I'm hoping you get better soon and that you get lots of yummy legal drugs!