Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Alex’s Best Feline Friend

One of the first blog posts that I ever wrote—Out on a Limb—told the story of the night that Alex spent on a tree limb because the kitten couldn’t figure out how to get down. Here’s how that story ended:

At sun rise I returned to the tree and to Alex. I again coaxed him toward the trunk and again he went to the trunk—and then back out on that damned limb! This went on for about thirty minutes. Then, suddenly, Alex reached downward with his paw. I said encouraging words to him and he climbed on the trunk, head downward, claws gripping the tree. Slowly he went down, a bit at a time. When he had come down about ten feet, he leaped from the tree trunk to the roof of my neighbor’s garage, then to the top of the fence attached to the garage, and then into my outstretched arms. I hugged by adolescent adventurer.

Then I heard the applause. It was coming from a woman in the backyard of another house. She called congratulations to Alex and me and said that she had been watching our drama but never thought that I would be able to talk him down. And I admit that I was quite proud of my talking Alex down.

Very proud—until I noticed sitting on the roof the garage that Alex had leaped on from the tree trunk another cat. I don’t know how long that big, yellow feline had been sitting there. I do wonder if I really talked Alex off the tree limb all by myself. Perhaps I had another coach helping?

The cat who I am now convinced coached Alex out of that tree is older and much larger than Alex, even now that my furball has matured. He is the same cat who I discovered Alex had invited into my house during the week I spent in Pennsylvania. That story is told in the 2005 blog post Alex and Friend.

I believe that this cat—whose name I do not know—is Alex’s best feline friend. It is unusual when I see them together, but the other day I did have a glimpse their comradeship. Alex had been outside playing for a while when I went to the door to call him in for his supper. When I opened the back door, I spotted Alex sitting on out fence in feline conversation with his best friend, who was sitting on the roof. I grabbed my camera and took this picture:

By the way, Alex told me he was not coming in for supper. Not until he and his buddy had finished their socializing. I respect that.

If you want to read Alex’s take on the story, he wrote about it in his own blog in the post Me and My Kitty Friend.


  1. Every kitty needs a best kitty friend.

  2. You are the kitten whisperer!
    I applaud you !!!!!!!!

  3. I have never seen a cat skeleton in a tree.

    You have many blogs my friend. That is Okay. Have you seen the path of Charley? Please look to me for enlightenment

  4. ahh, that's so sweet. the conversations they must you ever wonder if alex talks to his friend about you? i like the cat whisperer moniker.......maybe the title of your next blog?

  5. What a lovely story...and you probably did have a little help from Alex's friend which gave him the courage to trust you.

    Just goes to show that cats can be friends with each other, doesn't it?

    So glad it ended well.

  6. Those felines do have a mind of their own - and things we think weird makes perfect sense to them. ec

  7. Spunky just left Alex a comment. She does very well writing with her paws.

    She had a new friend of sorts; the white kitty who lives in the front house.

    She will share her food, her cushions, and the chairs. But let white kitty head for the toilet for a drink and it's WW III around here.

    What is it with cats and toilets? She has fresh water and turns up her nose. When she was younger she would drink only out of a dripping faucet.

  8. It is 1:00 AM: Do you know where your kitty cat is? I didn’t and at bugged the hell out of me. After calling him from the front door and the back and, just as I was ready to go searching for him, I saw this white furball sprinting across the street, leaping up the porch steps, and streaking into the house. Now, after cuddling and feeding him, I am too awake to fall asleep, so I’ll write a few comments on your comments.

    DAWN: I agree. And I’m glad I know that Alex has a buddy, cause I’ve friends who have been bugging me to purchase another kitty so Alex could have a companion.

    LITTLE WING: Kitten whisper? Maybe. But why does my cat so seldom pay attention to what I whisper? Now he does respond quickly to my response to him putting his claws in my leg when I yell: “Damn it, Alex, that HURTS!”

    AKBAR MUHAD: Come to think of it, I’ve never seen a cat skeleton in a tree either.

    ROBIN: It’s a nice thought. But Alex has begun to remind me of my Aunt’s “selective deafness.” He hears what he wants to hear and ignores all of the rest.

    PUSS-IN-BOOTS: Yes, and I’m beginning to believe that cats, even though some folks see them as being anti-social, are quite social and sociable creatures—more so than several humans I know.

    MR. EDDIE: Yep. Cats are unique in so many ways. And that’s quite a compliment from me, a former dog person.

    GRANNY: I’ll tell Alex of Spunky’s comment. At the moment the cat who controls my life is seeking a piece of my clothing that he can push on the floor in order to make this evening’s sleeping nest.

  9. I appreciate your compassion. I am certain your kittums is in full agreement.

    You are a loving caretaker.


  10. You and Alex amaze me more each time I read of your adventures.

  11. Do you think cats have souls? My mother in law used to believe they saw spirits; that is why they trot around the house and meow so much.

  12. When we were on holiday there was a family of cats in our hotel. Dad, mum and 2 kittens. We thought it unusual that dad had hing around and seemed quite happy to be pestered by his children.

  13. I didn’t know the story of Alex being treed. Poor kitten.

    I suppose cat friendship can be as important as human friendships—or maybe more so.

  14. I love the stories and great picture of Alex and friend. Notice the first picture only Alex is looking right at you. Then both are looking at you. If only Alex paid that much attention to you other times. Glad you found Alex so easily. I know cats can be so much fun to find sometimes. And they usually do not help.

    By the way, I am surprised to see two feline friends like that. I had no idea.

  15. i love your stories about alex. i wish my cat willow had a feline buddy, he just seems to fight them all ... sigh.

  16. Hello - I'm another human owned by a cat, and very privileged I am, too!
    The cats seem to be saying 'Can I help you? Were you invited into this conversation? Just go away and mind you own business' Lovely!!